Moving is one of the most expensive obligations you’ll ever have to deal with in your lifetime. It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving a few blocks or out of state, you can expect to pay a hefty sum to get your stuff from one home to another. That said, you shouldn’t have to worry about losing an arm trying to get from point A to point B. A cross country move may seem daunting, but what you spend on your move comes down to your planning. If you’re getting ready

Since the early 1900s, films have been transporting us to different eras and countries all around the world. If you love traveling and learning about different cultures, watching movies is the easiest and most affordable way to get your jet-setter’s fix. Want to learn about the best travel movies out there without spending hours scrolling through options? Then keep reading! We’ve done all the legwork for you and compiled a list of beautiful travel films that are sure to leave you feeling dazzled. Let’s dive in. Wild Wild, starring Reese

Sugar daddies and their sugar babies tend to get a bad rap. Some wealthy and successful men are targets for gold diggers. But when the relationship works for both parties, who are we to judge? Some women stumble upon their sugar daddies, meeting them by chance. While others make finding a sugar daddy their mission. If you’re the latter, this article is for you.  Read on to find 13 tips on how to find a sugar daddy and secure your financial future. 1. Be Persistent Finding a sugar daddy isn’t

Is there a special secret to unlock when it comes to mobile app marketing? Not really. You just need to know how to plan and approach your marketing efforts. Google Play alone saw more than 19 billion apps downloaded in the last quarter of 2018. You need to have a solid promotional plan in place if you want to stand a chance at getting people to download your app. Would you like to know the secret sauce to market your mobile app? Keep reading to learn how you can get

Many people falsely assume that the marketing world is primarily digital now. However, there is still a huge role for traditional marketing techniques in the business world. In fact, total advertising expenditures in the United States exceed $200 billion. This amount represents a 5 percent increase from the year prior. Of that total, $83 billion is spent on digital advertising. That means that the remaining $120 billion are spent on traditional advertising like TV and outdoor events. The fact is that American business does not overly rely on digital marketing.

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