Choose The Right Rooftop Tent Campers In Maui, HI

Rooftop tents over your vehicle are the best way to ensure that your items are protected when you are camping. They are also very efficient because they make packing a breeze. With your items protected under the tent, you can go about your trip without worrying that you are going to lose something, and you can camp in lots of places too. If you are traveling around Maui, a good rooftop tent vehicle will come in handy.

Choosing a Maui camper rental company will be on your list once you realize the above statement, which means that you need to look for one. We are a company that has rooftop tent vehicles for hire. We value our clients, so our goal is to ensure you have an excellent trip with the right vehicle. Our camping company is the right choice for you.

Why Choose Us


We have a fleet of cars ready to rent at any moment. Our company always ensures that the vehicles are serviced and ready to go. They are always in great condition because we know that you want to enjoy your trip without having to worry about a breakdown. We always update our fleet and ensure that the vehicles operate with the latest safety technology to guide you through your trip.

Our vehicles have waterproof tents which means if you are traveling in the rain your items will not end up soaked with rainwater. You will find that these come in handy if your trip is around the end of the year or early in the year. (Late October to around March).

Licensed And Insured Vehicles

You can trust that all rooftop tent vehicles have valid licenses and are insured against damage and collision damage. You will not have to pay extra costs if your vehicle is vandalized. Our fleet is equipped with GPS for easy navigation for the clients that are new to Maui and want to rent the vehicles. This way, you can feel safe and not have to worry about your trip going wrong because you got lost.

We Offer Different Packages

We know that different clients need vehicles for a different amount of days. Therefore we have packages that suit each client. You can rent our rooftop rent vehicles for two, three, or weeklong vacations. We have also priced them affordably.

Call us to get the price estimate for these packages and book a vehicle for your trip.

We Are Local

Our service is local and has been operating in Maui for a while. We know the great spots to go to and we have drivers in case our clients need one. Our drivers are experienced and are aware of the routes, so they will get you to your destinations safely. If you are camping for several days and need a rental and a driver, call us today.

Call us to get the best rooftop tent vehicles for a great and comfortable stay in Maui Hi. Make your trip easy and fun by choosing the right rental service today.

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