Tips on Getting Botox Treatment

tips on getting Botox treatment

I was always a bit worried about the thought of getting botox treatment, I think I had been emotionally scarred when I was younger because of seeing these celebs who went way over the top with their cosmetic surgery. I had no idea of course that the things which they were doing was nothing to do with botox but my young mind had no comprehension of that. As I have aged I have learned an awful lot more about what botox is and I have been getting it once a year for the last couple of years now. I know that there are still many who aren’t sure about this procedure which is why I wanted to offer some tips for anyone out there who is looking at having this procedure done.

tips on getting Botox treatment

Top Botox Treatment Tips

Date and Bottle

The risk of anything going wrong with botox is massively low and that is why you really shouldn’t worry. The only thing which you must ensure however is that you check the date on the bottle of botox to make sure that it has not expired. As the doc to see the bottle and the date and you should also check to ensure that the bottle has not been opened as that may cause contaminants to enter.

Facial Expressions

Once you have had the botox injected there are a series of facial expressions which you should be making in order to make sure that the botox is well spread around the area and that you avoid any lumps. Make the expression of shock, smiling and angry with a furrowed brow. Keep alternating between these facial expressions for a good 10 to 20 minutes afterwards.

Skin Care

Many talk about how the results don’t last as long as they would like them to but this is why you have to make sure that you are doing all that you can to look after your skin after you have had the botox treatment. If you fail to look after your skin then you can expect the effects of the botox to last for around 3 months, if you do look after it then you can expect to see anywhere from 3-6 months of results.


From a health point of view you could certainly have botox every 6 months but in reality it is not a great idea because after doing that for a while your skin is going to absorb the botox quicker and that will mean that the results are far less impactful as they were in the beginning. The better bet is to leave it for 6 months or longer and then go back and have some more injected.

The results botox are incredible and you are going to be blown away with how you look after the results begin to appear. This is something which I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to tighten up their appearance and minimize those wrinkles on the face.

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