Integrity Heating and Cooling, The Only Choice You Need to Make

integrity heating and cooling

If you live in the Illinois area or here in Mokena, Illinois then I would highly recommend using Integrity Heating and Cooling for all of your needs in the home. I have used this company for a couple of years now and they have made sure that both my boiler and my air conditioning units are fully functional and ensure that my home is a safe and comfortable place. I am not usually one to post recommendations like this but after the phone call that I received from them, I decided that I should. During the extreme -41 degrees which we had here in Mokena, Il last month, I received a phone call from the guys at Integrity to see if everything was alright with the boiler that they had installed last year. This is just one of the reasons why I love this company and if you live in or around Mokena, Il, here is why these guys need to be your go-to for your integrity heating and cooling needs.

integrity heating and cooling

Customer Service

Even prior to receiving this phone call from the team at Integrity I was already blown away by their customer service. Twice previously I have had to call the team to take a look at my air conditioning unit and my boiler, and both times they have been incredibly prompt and overwhelmingly helpful, treating me almost like a VIP. The speed with which they attend my calls and the kindness and professionalism are  exactly why I enjoy using this company.

Low Prices

The costs of maintaining a boiler and an air conditioning system aren’t cheap, especially if you need to replace any parts, or indeed the unit itself. Of all the companies here in Mokena, Il, Integrity is without question the cheapest and that includes both parts and labor. In fact the company is so confident that they have the lowest prices that they will offer you $500 if you can find the same products cheaper anywhere else in the area. Trust me on this, I have tried and failed to earn that $500, they just have the best prices in the area.  


Low prices are sometimes a cause for concern because it can be an indication of sub-standard products or work. In the case of Integrity however this is not true at all and whilst they do have incredibly low prices, they also offer high quality products and excellent workmanship. A friend of mine who works in the heating industry took a look at the boiler which they have installed in my home and he couldn’t believe how little I paid for both the unit and the labor which was required to have it installed.

This is a company who will guarantee you great service, great products and low prices, they are prompt and professional and they should be your only option if you are living here in Mokena, Il.

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