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dental treatment

If you are staring down the barrel of some dental treatment which is going to cause you pain and a difficult recovery then the key to getting through it is to prepare well. Last year I had 3 wisdom teeth out after my super dentist Dr. Kami Hoss realized that if not I was going to have issues in the future. I was given a drug and put to sleep for the operation and the recovery was awful. I learned a lot from that experience and if I were to do it again I would be far better prepared. And so I wanted to use this experience to suggest some tips which may help you out if you have some dental treatment or surgery coming up.

dental treatment

Buddy Up

Whether you are getting put to sleep or not I would recommend that you take someone with you when you go in for the treatment. First of all this person will be able to drive you to the dentist and back, something which you certainly shouldn’t do. Secondly you are going to need some moral support, this could be someone to shout at, complain to or cry on, or all of the above. Don’t do it alone, ask a friend, call in a favor and get some support around you.

Post Treatment Planning

More often than not you will  not be able to eat like you normally do after dental treatment and if you haven’t stocked up before hand, you certainly won’t fancy a trip to the grocery store. With this in mind then you need to make sure that you have a fully stocked kitchen of foods and drinks which you actually can enjoy. Things like soups and smoothies are a great way for you to get the nutrients you need, without hurting your teeth. Something else that I would recommend is a straw, this will be a life saver for you. Buy all of these items in advance so that you have nothing to worry about when you get home.


I took some time off work after my surgery but something which I didn’t do was cancel other appointments which I had with the kids and with some organizations who I help out with. And so you need to make sure that you completely clear your calendar for at least a couple of days after the surgery. It may be that you feel absolutely fine but I can assure you that if you don’t feel good and you didn’t cancel those appointments, then you are going to give yourself unnecessary levels of stress.

The last point which I will make is to ensure that you have plenty of painkillers in the house, that you have some ice packs to bring down the swelling and finally that you have spoken at length with your dentist about what to expect from both the surgery and the recovery.

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