Caring for Leather Furniture

caring for leather furniture


caring for leather furniture

If you are thinking of what type of couch to buy, there are several options. One is leather. Now, leather is very different from fabric. It requires special care and maintenance, so it lasts for a long time even with the usual – or more than usual – wear and tear. If you opt to buy a leather couch, you must know caring for leather furniture, some cleaning and maintenance hacks.


There is one thing that you must do before trying out any type of leather cleaner: try it on an inconspicuous area to test if it will damage the leather.

  • For any spill, dab dry with a clean cloth or paper towel immediately. Do not neglect even the smallest spots as they can stain the leather if you do not wipe them right away.
  • Do not use any harsh cleaning agents such as ammonia water, cleaning solvents, oils, and the like. They may damage the surface and affect its quality and durability.
  • If there are oil, butter, or grease stains, you can wipe off the excess and then leave it alone. The spot should dissipate after a while. If the stain persists and does not go away, contact a leather specialist to take care of it. Never attempt to try other cleaners to remove the stain.
  • If you notice some scratches on your furniture, you can use your fingers – make sure they are clean – to lightly buff the scratch. You can also use a lightly damp cloth with distilled water to remove any light scratch.


Leather is a natural product; it needs regular maintenance to maintain its quality, sheen, and durability. If you don’t see any visible dirt or stain on the furniture, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do anything to it. Use a soft clean cloth to wipe the furniture to remove any unseen dirt, especially if the leather is dark-colored. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to go deep into the crevices of the couch. Vacuuming is essential if you allow pets inside your home. Pet dander can accumulate on the furniture, as well as ticks if you don’t take care of your pets properly. Make sure to vacuum regularly if you have pets. You can also ask a leather specialist for an effective leather cleaner that you can use anytime. Do not go against advice if you don’t want to damage your furniture.

We all know that leather is a very durable material, so you can expect your furniture to last. Another benefit of leather furniture is that it stays warm, so it is suitable for places that get really cold during the winter. You can cozy up on your couch while watching movies or bonding with family and friends in the living room. Leather does not only last, but it also lends sophistication to any room where there is leather furniture. You can liven up a room with leather furniture, and incorporate some other materials to make any room look elegant.

Follow these best tips on caring for leather furniture to ensure its durability and lasting beauty. Join the discussion on this topic with Sweet Captcha by visiting our contact page.

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