7 Simple DIY House Projects to Consider Before Selling Your Home

7 simple DIY house projects

Do you want to improve the value of your home before you list it for sale? These 7 simple DIY house projects are inexpensive and well worth the effort.

7 simple DIY house projects

Did you know that by doing some simple home repairs, you can greatly increase the value of your home? Some of these projects can produce incredible ROI, even up to 107%.

But it can be hard to know which projects to pick and even harder to know if they’re going to be worth it.

That’s why we’ve put this guide together outlining 7 simple DIY house projects that are known to improve home values across the country.

Check them out below.

1. Paint Those Walls

One of the most inexpensive and impactful home improvements you can do is painting. Giving your walls a fresh coat and transform your space.

This is especially true if you have walls that are painted in a super bright color. You should get rid of that color so you can appeal to a wider audience.

Pick a nice neutral color like grey or beige. Using this on your walls can make your space feel bigger and also help it feel cleaner and newer.

Many older homes have outdated wallpaper throughout them. It’s a good idea to get rid of this too.

Painting is also great because it’s an easy DIY project. All you need is some good quality paint and some rollers. Invite some friends over and you’ll finish this project super quickly!

2. Work on the Exterior for One of Your House Projects

No, we’re not talking about completely redoing your home’s exterior! We’re just talking about adding some curb appeal.

Your home’s exterior, including the landscaping, is the first thing potential buyers will see, both online and in person. It’s important that it makes a great impression.

But many homes feel outdated or less than perfect. Here are a few easy DIY things you can do to improve this.

First, wash it. Get a power washer and give your home a good clean. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably never done this!

Also, work on the landscaping. Add some new bushes throughout your yard and trim any trees.

It’s also a great idea to add some color through some flowers. These can brighten up your yard and make your house pop.

3. Get Rid of the Popcorn Ceilings

For many years, popcorn ceilings were super popular. But now we know that they often contain asbestos. If this is the case, you should definitely take care of this issue.

Get a professional onsite to see if your popcorn ceilings have asbestos in them. If they do, get rid of it! With some simple equipment, this is a simple DIY project.

If they end up not having asbestos, it’s still a good idea to get rid of them. When people see them, they know immediately that your home is outdated.

4. Touch up the Kitchen

As you probably know, the kitchen is incredibly important when it comes to selling your home. That’s because it’s one of the most commonly used rooms throughout the house. This means that people want it to be great.

If your kitchen is obviously outdated, this will hurt you. It’s a good idea to modernize things!

You can start small. You don’t need to replace everything.

Work on the cabinets first. If you can, replace them! If not, at least give them a new paint job.

Also be sure to get new hardware for them (drawer pulls and handles). This will give them a nice modern touch.

Replacing appliances can also have a big impact if it’s in your budget. Consider if this will work for you.

Then, once you’re ready to sell, count on agents such as Joe Manausa Real Estate for expert help.

5. Don’t Forget about the Bathroom

Bathrooms are another of the most important rooms to work on. And the good news is that simple fixes can make a big impact.

Start by looking at your light fixtures and mirror. Could they be updated to reflect a more modern style? If so, definitely work on this.

Also, put a fresh round of caulk around the toilet and shower. This will help things feel fresh and put together.

And like the bathroom, new fixtures on the cabinets can pack a big punch. If you want to paint the cabinets, this can help out as well.

6. Add Some New Flooring

When people think flooring, they automatically think expensive. But you don’t need to re-floor your entire home to have a big impact.

Instead, focus your efforts on the main living areas that are the most public. Entryways, living rooms, and family rooms often fall into this category. Bedrooms and downstairs offices aren’t as important.

But one thing is true: some fresh carpet can really elevate your space.

7. Replace Old Windows

Last but not least, consider replacing your old windows.

Not only do old windows cost you in energy bills but they can also be an eyesore. Avoid creating this impression among buyers by replacing them.

The great thing about new windows as well is that they improve both the inside and outside view of your home, adding to your curb appeal as well. What this means is that for a small cost, you can greatly improve the look and feel of your house.

And don’t think you have to replace every window. Just start with the oldest ones and go from there.

Closing Thoughts

There you have it: 7 simple DIY house projects that can add great value to your home. Do these and you’ll increase the value of your home in no time.


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