5 Amazing Father’s Day Gifts For Dad

Father’s Day is an international tradition that people here in Canada have been celebrating for a long time. There’s no better way to express gratitude, respect and love than through a gift, which is why you’ll often see a number of father’s day promotions in the lead up to the holiday. Still, it can be stressful finding that perfect gift for dad, one that goes beyond the stereotypical “steak dinner” or “new pair of socks” that he gets every year. With that in mind, the following are 5 perfect dad’s gift options.
A Stylish Wallet

A new wallet is one of the simplest, most affordable, and still classy ways to show some appreciation for all fathers of any age, and it is also one of the most useful things a man carries with himself on an everyday basis. It’s an opportunity to get them something both functional and stylish – plus, you get to replace that ratty old “George Costanza wallet” they’ve been using for the past 15 years!

A Sports Game

Tickets to a Sports Event (Hockey, Wrestling, etc.) is an easy – yet oh so amazing – option as a Father’s Day gift. They don’t have to be floor tickets (although they can be) because it’s the though that counts, and it is a great excuse to spend quality time with your dad. Just make sure to pick up a ticket for yourself as well.

A Luxury Car

This one will floor even the most reserved dad. If any father or husband in your life deserves to be spoiled on Father’s day, this is the way to do it. You don’t have to spend an obscene amount of money either if you go through a used luxury car dealership that offers a pricing guarantee and flexible financing options. When you’re looking for a used luxury car here in Markham to get dad for Father’s Day, find one that offers mobile test drives, that way you can have your dad (or husband) test the car before you sign the papers. In effect, when you do it this way, the test drive becomes the real surprise gift, so make sure you’re ready for that.


Handyman tools are essential items in every home, but you don’t want to give dad just any old tools. Try to find tools that are fun to use and stylish. Carefully choosing between top brands will assure quality tools and style from companies with the most up-to-date models and features. If the dad in your life is a DIY enthusiast, he will love this gift.

Sporting Gear

Winter or summer sporting gear is great for the active father, as well as the sports fan. Jerseys and other team apparel can take dad’s fandom to a whole new level, or, if he’s more of the active type, a new workout shirt or pair of shoes can help him accomplish his fitness goals in style.

There are plenty of wonderful gifts out there for every type of father. Hopefully these five ideas have sparked your imagination!

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