15 Summer Fashion Trends You Need to Find this Summer

15 2018 Summer Trends You Need to Find this Year

Summer is upon us and there are already some new trends that are going to spark this year. Take a look at these fifteen 2018 summer trends so you can stay ahead of the curve.

Looking to upgrade your summer wardrobe? This year’s summer fashion trends are bold, fun, and easy to pull off with the right (essential) pieces.

Keep reading for the top 15 2018 summer trends. From bright tones, unique prints, and interesting textures, you won’t need a runway to be trending with these finds.

1. Bright Colors

Also called Crayola colors for the resemblance of bright crayons, bold tones such as emerald green, tomato red, cobalt blue, and bold violet are trending this summer.

What better season to have some fun with color than summer? Look for Crayola colored dresses, shoes, and bags to fill your summer closet.

2. Pastels

Elegant, sophisticated, and feminine, pastels are the perfect choice for summer days. Whether you’re strolling the shops, heading to the beach, or out for a classy dinner or drinks, pastels will work.

Keep an eye out for linen pastels or floral dresses featuring pastel colors. These items are especially popular among 2018 summer trends.

3. Fringe

Fringe is everywhere right now. From home interior design to accessories, fringe has made its way to the 2018 summer trends list.

Dresses and tops with fringe are great for summer. They are fun, fashionable, and a great way to look chic even on a budget. Fringe purses and even sandals with fringe are also in this summer.

Just don’t overdo it! Stick with one fringe item at a time.

4. Bold Prints

Bold colors are in so why not bold prints? Some of the most trending prints right now are cherries, beach prints, floral patterns, and even animals.

There really isn’t any other time of year where fun prints like these can be gotten away with. Take advantage of the fun while you can! Here are some women’s tops with prints to get you started.

5. Summer Slides

Slides have overtaken the summer shoe market. Instead of flip-flops, which can be dangerous to wear, opt for some slides. They are more comfortable and more sophisticated.

The best thing about slides is that they can go with practically any summer wardrobe item.

6. Checkered Print

What was once a winter staple has made its way to summer. Checkered prints are huge on both the streets and the fashion runways.

If you want to look like a fashion guru this summer, grab yourself a trendy checkered dresses, tops, pants, or even tights.

7. Puffy Sleeves

Relive (or live) the 80’s with a top or dress featuring the puff sleeve. Sometimes called the balloon sleeve, this look has returned to fashion along with many other 80’s trends like high-waisted pants and white sneakers.

Puffy sleeves turn any look into something cute and innocent yet head-turning. If you really want to make a statement, the puff sleeve in a bright color such as pink will do the trick this summer.

8. Floral Dresses

When are floral dresses not in style for summer? They are the perfect go-to when you need something casual but dressy.

Florals add a sense of femininity and class. Plus, they fit right in with the blooms of the season. For something extra summery, grab a floral maxi dress with yellows and pastels.

9. Tote bags

Another item that comes back every summer is the tote bag. This year is no different.

Totes simply work for the summer. They are larger providing plenty of space to carry your beach gear or extra items you may need in the summer like water, sunscreen, sunglasses, and deodorant.

Choose a tote in a Crayola or pastel color and pair it with any of these 2018 summer trends.

10. Straw bags

Straw bags, like straw hats, scream beach weather. That is why they are the perfect accessory to add to your summer wardrobe.

Look for a straw bag that goes across the body, as these are also trending this year.

11. Maxi Dresses

Short dresses are out and long dresses are in. A long but loose dress is not only comfortable but it’s also perfect for those hot days (the ones where tight clothing just won’t cut it).

Grab a maxi dress and flow with the wind this summer.

12. T-Shirt Dress

T-shirt dresses are a must-have this summer. They are comfortable, simple, and that piece you can grab when you just don’t know what to wear.

Find a T-shirt dress that works for you. Whether its got fringe, prints, or bright colors, you’ll love it and so will your friends.

13. Polka Dots

Yes, we can finally relive our childhoods of Jamboree polka dots. Polka dots are simply adorable and they belong in summer.

Whether its a polka bathing suit or a dress, you can’t go wrong and you’ll have more fun wearing them.

14. Ruffles

The pattern of youthfulness continues with the ruffles summer trend. Popsugar claims that ruffles, sometimes called frills, are essential to the trending modern romance look.

Ruffled layered dresses, ruffled sleeves, and ruffled shirts are all items to add to your 2018 summer wardrobe.

15. Denim Jacket

You should always have a denim jacket on hand to throw over your sleeveless top or dress during the summer.

Denim jackets classic and perfect when the mornings or nights are bit cooler. They also are great to bring for indoor settings where the AC may be up just a little too high for your liking.

Which of These 2018 Summer Trends will you Choose?

Whatever your style, 2018 summer trends has something to fit it. Whether you rock vintage checkers, retro puffs, or youthful ruffles, your trendiness will have all your friends jealous.

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