Some of the Key Factors behind the Growth in Part Time Work

In the past few years, ShiftPixy believes there has been an increase in the percentage of part time jobs which are advertised. Why are more businesses choosing to hire part time employees than ever before? Simply continue reading to discover some of the key factors behind the increase in popularity of part time jobs.

Some of the key factors behind the growth in part time work:

1. There are a greater number of small businesses in operation who have a high demand for part time employees

In the past, most individuals would work for large corporations who would hire hundreds or thousands of employees. However, while the world still features a wide variety of large corporations who are capable of hiring thousands of employees, in the past decade there has been a huge increase in start-up businesses which have flourished and have carved out niches in the market.

While large businesses have a need for hundreds of full-time employees, small to mid-size businesses may only have a need for a couple of full-time employees and may choose to fill the rest of their rosters with part time employees. In most cases it will be far cheaper for businesses to pay part time wages rather than full time salaries.

2. The number of individuals who seek out part time work has increased

Another reason why businesses are offering more part time jobs is that an increasing percentage of individuals are applying for part time jobs.

One reason why more individuals may be seeking out part time work is that while in the past many families could live off one income, in today’s society most families can’t afford to live off one income. Which means that in many cases one partner may decide to keep their part time job, while the other partner may search for a part time job. Which may work around their commitments to their family.

Another reason why individuals may seek out part time work, is to keep their brain and bodies active in their twilight years. As while most individuals who have reached retirement age won’t have any interest in holding down a full time job, many mature men and women, now choose to hold down part time jobs. Not only to earn a bit of extra cash but also to keep their brains and bodies active and to maintain a high level of health.

3. Individuals may look to hold down a part time job, whilst working on setting up streams of passive income

In previous generations, indivduals may have preferred holding down full time jobs as they never dreamed of becoming independently wealthy or retiring early. However, in today’s day and age it’s commonplace for individuals to dream big and to strive to become independently wealthy and work from a home office or abroad. .

However, a lot of individuals choose to hold down a part time job to bring in an income, while they build their own business or investment portfolio.

So in the coming decades, don’t be surprised if you see part time jobs becoming increasingly more prevalent in the future.

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