Could Recycling Really Be A Living

Many different discussions about recycling revolve around the idea that it yields money. You do not just save the environment, you can also earn income. This is why many companies and establishments are investing in heavy recycling. Take RM Kenny & Co. for example. They’re a company which has built recycling equipment to suit whatever the requirements are for household and commercial purposes. They use state-of-the-art recycling machinery to complete the process and service their clients.

That being said, recycling is hitting two birds with one stone, where we help the environment and we earn a profit at the same time. For consumers like us, the simple act of recycling and reusing could go a long way – a penny saved is extra money in your pocket.

What things could be recycled?

Apparently, if you look around your house, most, if not all the things you see could be recycled. From your school and work papers to your gadgets; they can all be recycled. Recycling gadgets could be difficult at first, but you will see its rewards after you familiarise yourself with it. Don’t bother selling old gadgets to pawn shops or to junkyards, there are different companies who can exchange your old gadgets for cash or gift cards.

The more common things that we can recycle are plastic, cardboard boxes, paper, and bottles. We don’t notice it, but these things take up around 60% of the entirety of our household waste. Cleaning them or using them for a different purpose could give tremendous benefits.

But could recycling really earn money?

Imagine not having to buy stuff for you to use for other things, wouldn’t that be a big saving for you? General Motors actually earns a staggering $1 billion a year just by reusing or recycling. They have a variety of things they recycle from metal scraps, cardboard boxes, paint sludge, or worn-out tires. If they can earn money from reusing such stuff, why can’t you?

If you’re a fan of wine and you have no idea where to put your wine corks, eBay and other online selling platforms are looking for them. Establishments like to substitute corks for many different things like cardboard, miniature designs, etc.

How can I start earning money through recycling?

Start by looking around your house and by finding something to recycle. Plastic bottles, old shoes, paper, cardboard boxes, unused clothes, almost all that you see inside your home could be recycled. As a matter of fact, a lot of people earn a living through it by enhancing whatever they have and reselling it for a price online.

Gather everything you think would be profitable, be creative about what to do with it and earn yourself a few extra pounds. You might not have recycling machinery, but if you’re really looking for treasure from one man’s trash, then start small.


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