Alexander Sabadash – What Skills Make a Great Leader?

Throughout my years in business I have had the great pleasure of working alongside many great leaders. One of those who I have worked with closely and who I believe to represent all of the qualities that a great leader has is Alexander Sabadash, a man who has both natural ability when it comes to leadership and someone who has worked intensively on his skills to improve his leadership. Alexander should be an example to anyone who wishes to be a great leader in business, and here are the core skills which he offers, skills which you must have if you wish to be a great leader like him.

Big Picture

One of Alexander’s greatest skills for me is his ability to focus on the big picture, to look at the entire business and everything within it, and to use this objectivity to make decisions. It can be so easy in business to get buried in the details of the day-to-day running of things, which can often detract you from the most important and pressing matters. When you are able to take a step back and see everything at once, it puts you in a far stronger position as a leader.

Understanding People

Many will talk about how important it is that a leader knows how to motivate and inspire, and whilst this is true there is something much deeper at work here, and that is the ability to understand people. You can only use motivational tactics when you know people and how they function, and this is something which great leaders are able to do. Everyone has different goals, skills, characteristics and personalities and it is only once you understand those that you can lead them in the right way.


Inconsistency as a leader is a surefire way to lose your staff and the trust of your team, and this is yet another key skill which great leaders like Alexander have. Whether it is celebrating some success or scolding someone, it is essential that there is consistency in how you treat each member of your team, regardless of their position or the trust which you have in them.

Never Stop

Something which business leaders have to be aware of is the fact that there is always another race to run. This means that whilst celebrating success is always good to do, it is important that no leader rests on their laurels and becomes complacent. Alexander was a master at this, and he had the ability to use success as a motivating tool to push the team towards even more success. Businesses never stop and great leaders recognize that there is always something else on the horizon.

Decision Making

Leaders must be bold enough to take decisions, they must know how to listen to the right people, weigh up all of the pros and cons, and then take hard decisions for the greater good. Alexander was a great decision maker and never shied away from those tough choices, yet another example of great leadership.

If you want to become a great business leader, these are the skills required.

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