Sadigh Gallery – How to Avoid Buying Counterfeit Art and Antiquities

With the explosion of prices in the art world, well capitalized art novices are purchasing art all around the world. Buying art is a rite of passage into High Society. Everyone dreams of having the work of a well-known painter or sculpture adorn their home. This art would be a conversation piece and a recognition that the homeowner has class and style. If we adding the purchase of Antiquities, it also shows that the homeowner has culture and an understanding of important history.

Along with the availability of so much new artwork, has come a thriving Marketplace for counterfeit art and antiquities. This Marketplace engages enthusiastic potential buyers and convinces them that the art they are viewing is authentic. They even present documentation verifying the authenticity of the pieces, leaving the potential buyer no doubt that the art they are reviewing is in fact authentic. However with billions of dollars spent each year on forgeries and counterfeits, there is no doubt that the industry for counterfeit pieces of art is thriving.

With this in mind, is more important than ever for those seeking to buy authentic art and antiquities to utilize proven reputable methodologies to acquire those pieces they love.  If you are in the market to purchase art, here are some tips to avoid being ripped off by counterfeiters.

 Be cautious about where you purchase

You should only purchase art or antiquities from a few specific places, and each should be reputable and able to present you with authentic and verifiable information as to the authenticity.

Art Auctions

In many major cities, in countries across Europe and in the US, there are continuous art auctions. Some of the auction houses that sell art do not specifically focus on high quality art. Instead they sell a range of things which mean cool jewelry, cars, and even clothing along with art. Purchasing art from these types of options is very risky. The auction house will usually inform you that they will not be responsible for any forgeries you purchase and it is completely your responsibility to determine whether the art is authentic. With no guarantee from the auction house, you should never purchase a piece of art.

Reputable auction houses that focus on high-end, or high quality art work and antiquities, will provide some level of warranty for your purchase. They will also have in-house experts who evaluate any art that is presented in one of their auctions. This gives you level of security against being cheated. You may spend more for a piece of art at these places, but the additional amount paid is worth the Peace of Mind.

Art Dealer

Art dealers understand the marketplace and that there is a large and thriving industry for counterfeit art. Reputable art and antiquities dealers like Sadigh Gallery will always go the extra mile to ensure that a piece of art in there store is authentic. With their reputation on the line, they would rather reject the piece of art, then make a good Commission and find out later it was counterfeit. For this reason,  you should only purchase art from dealers who are licensed, certified, and willingly present you with all of the documentation related to a piece of art you wish to purchase. Further you should be extremely cautious if a dealer is offering a piece of art or antiquity well below its market price. This is always a warning sign that the peace is not authentic.

Limit your shopping to these two Avenues and you will avoid purchasing counterfeit art. But remember, even experts sometimes gets fooled.  Therefore you should make sure that whoever you purchase the art from has insurance that will cover your loss.


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