How To Move Without Breaking The Bank

At some point or another, we all move, whether that be due to personal circumstances, change in career, or any other significant reason. The process can be exciting since it opens up a new chapter in our lives, but the main concern that is most likely at the forefront of our minds is how expensive moving has the potential to be. Luckily, you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a successful move. In fact, all you need are the right resources.

Check out the tips below to learn how to move without breaking the bank:

Think twice before choosing a moving company

Moving companies can be both affordable and reliable – you just need to know where to look. Get recommendations from friends and family who have moved in the past or go online to read reviews about moving companies in the area. Unfortunately, some movers lack integrity with their services and seek to get as much money out of you as possible without much effort. If or when you decide on utilizing a moving company, make sure that you get everything in writing and ask for their proof of credibility and insurance.

Consider doing some things yourself

More often than not, you can do a lot of packing and moving yourself! Plus, doing so can ensure you will know exactly where everything is during the moving process. For example, you can pack your fragile items in newspaper and isolate your most important belongings. Sometimes, things get lost, or you lose track of something if using the services of a moving company. But the most rewarding part is knowing that after all is said and done for the move, you can pat yourself on the back for accomplishing a difficult task all on your own!

Get help from friends

Instead of a moving team, consider recruiting friends and family to help you with the move. They won’t have a problem helping you, but you should make sure to show them your appreciation after their efforts, such as making them dinner or offering to feed them throughout the whole day. Additionally, you can also ask to use a friend’s truck or SUV rather than a moving van. Their vehicles have all the cargo space you need!

Scour for free boxes

Boxes are the last thing you should buy when moving. Hunt for them outside of grocery stores and businesses since the majority of them get recycled. You would be surprised at how many boxes you will find lying around. There’s also the option of asking said grocery stores and businesses upfront if you can have their extra boxes or packaging materials. Subsequently, friends and family may have their fair share of them as well.

Sell things you no longer need

Don’t take all your belongings with you on the move. Reflect on all the current items you own and ask yourself what can be let go, like clothes you never wear, or electronics that have only been used once or twice. Moving is a fresh start, and it’s a satisfying feeling to have a completely clean slate when settling into your new home. Once you’ve decided on the things you no longer need or want, host a yard sale. Small amounts of cash here and there add up to a substantial amount! Furthermore, if you have unwanted furniture that’s still in good condition, consider selling them at consignment stores. The last route to take is donating all your things at a thrift store and homeless shelter so another person can benefit from them.

Moving is stressful, frustrating, and hard work – but most of all, it can be expensive! Despite the fact, you can save yourself a headache and a solid amount of money with the right actions and resources. Therefore, take the time to research moving companies, ask for help from friends and family, and grab yourself some free boxes here and there. You should start this new chapter of your life on a high note!

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