3 Surprising Ways Your Home Can Save Energy

For some people, saving energy is all about saving money, while for others it stems from a deep-seated need to protect the world in which we live. Regardless, saving energy will save you money, but sometimes there has to be an investment up front. For example, if your dishwasher came in with the arc, it’s probably time to replace it with a new, super-duper energy saving one.

But there are other ways to save on energy that aren’t quite as obvious.

Things That Just Aren’t Obvious

Placing a source of heat, like a lamp or a TV close to an air conditioning thermostat can cause the AC to run longer. This is something you wouldn’t think about, but once you do, doesn’t it make sense?

Trees keep your house cool. Having a natural block to sunlight makes all the difference to the amount of energy needed to cool the house.

Incidentally, lowering the thermostat in summer a few degrees makes all the difference. Allowing the inside temperature to reach 78⁰ can save as much as 18% on your cooling bill. And don’t forget, there’s no point cooling a house you aren’t in.

The Laundry

Of all the domestic chores, the biggest energy suck is laundry. Washing and drying together account for 62% of the energy used by the big energy eaters.

You can reduce that by using cold water and washing full loads.  Today’s soaps and detergents are able to cope with cold water, and if you can air dry clothes when possible, you’re really making a difference, because the dryer is the single biggest user of energy, coming in at 35% alone.

(The modest fridge sits nicely in the 20s.)

Do you know about Phantom loads?

A phantom load is the power that is used when an item is turned off. Think of your TV when you put it into standby mode. A shocking 75% of power to the device is used in standby mode. You can cope with the extra couple of seconds it takes to turn on the TV, really you can.

Ceiling Fans

If you think ceiling fans are a relic of a bygone age, you could not be more out of date. Any fan is worth using. For each degree you don’t use AC you save between7 and 10% on cooling costs!

There is so much information out there on how to keep your costs at home down. Maybe you think what difference does my home alone make? But companies like Custom Earth Promotions understand that when you combine the effects of 2, 5, 25 or 600 houses then it does make a difference.

Saving Money at Home is About Being Smart

There are loads of great resources online which will help you through the maze of advice and faux-advice which is out there. The Natural ResoucesDefence Council (NRDC) is a great resource to start with. Their avowed mission is to “safeguard the earth—its people, its plants and animals, and the natural systems on which all life depends”. Remember, you make a difference.


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