3 Metrology Services That Can Help Your Business

Metrology is a vital part of quality control for production lines around the world. Coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) play an important role in guaranteeing that all parts meet the highest standards and don’t deviate from the blueprint specifications, and the high-level metrology data CMMs produce can help equipment operators spot problems related to wear and tear on machinery before it starts to effect quality.

But metrology services go far beyond simply providing quality control, and metrology services providers can play an important role in product development and assembly line design. Here are just a few of the ways metrology providers can make your business more efficient and more effective.

  1. Contract Metrology

When it comes to measuring parts and products as they come off the assembly line to make sure they don’t deviate from the assigned parameters, it is important to have a CMM readily available. But if your production process doesn’t regularly require the use of a CMM, you can still access high quality measurement solutions through metrology companies like Canadian Measurement-Metrology Inc. (CMM) based in Mississauga, Ontario.

Metrology solutions providers like CMM have coordinate measuring machine experts on staff to provide you the most accurate possible data for even the most difficult-to-measure parts. Equipped with a full range of the latest CMMs, from gantry and bridge-style models to laser scanners and 3D scanners, and the newest software, professional CMM service providers can save you time and money through contract metrology that gives you access to the best metrology technology on the market.

  1. Contract Programming

The effectiveness of a CMM has as much to do with the software it is running as it does with the machine itself, and with new improvements in CMM software coming every year, it is important to stay on top of recent developments. Contract programmers can help you install new software, and even provide training to your staff to help them get the most out of it. They can also write part programs and create measurement solutions for complex applications like blades, gears, and guided routes.

Because metrology experts are up-to-date on the latest metrology tech and software, they can advise you on ways you can make your production line more integrated, which can help improve efficiency and decrease waste.

  1. Calibration

CMMs are incredibly sensitive pieces of technology, and getting the most out of them requires regular servicing. This is especially important any time a CMM is moved, or if there are significant changes in the environmental temperature due to seasonal changes. Metrology experts can help you check that your machines are operating as accurately as possible, and if you are planning on rearranging your factory floor, many metrology service providers actually offer service packages that include moving and calibration.

For many production lines, a CMM is one of the most important tools available. But if your business is not yet at the stage where it needs an in-shop CMM, or if expert support is needed to get the most out of a CMM, you should consider getting in touch with a metrology solutions provider to help with your metrology needs.

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