Top 7 Things That Make You A Melbourne Local

The city of Melbourne in Australia is diverse and has been referred to as Australia’s garden city, due to its abundance of green public spaces and parks. Many sporting events are held in the city including the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix, the Australian Tennis Open and the AFL Grand Final. Here are some of the things that make you a true Melbourne local.

1. Public transport

If you are a Melbourne local, you have definitely been on the many modes of public transport the city has. There is a wide sprawling railway network that connects all the outer suburbs to the central hub which is the City Loop in the centre of the CBD. Trams are popular in the city centre and go out to the outer suburbs as well as buses and now Ubers.

2. The Royal Botanical Gardens

No Melbourne locals can say that they haven’t visited the Gardens, which are a short walk from Flinders Street Station and over the Yarra River. Anyone from Melbourne has been to these gardens and they are not only beautiful but are an important place for botanical research of Australian flora

3. Sporting events

Sports of all sorts are a national pastime and Melbourne is the sporting capital of Australia. All kinds of sporting events are held in Melbourne including horse racing, cricket, tennis, car racing, Australian rules football, golf and many others. A true Melburnian has been to at the very least one of these events, often many times. During the AFL Grand Finals, you will always find a local punter keenly scanning the AFL betting odds for their best chance at a winner while enjoying the festivities.

4. Pubs and hotels

Most Melburnians you meet will have a favourite haunt to have a few beverages and meet up with friends. This is common after work on Fridays and on Thursday nights for University students all around Melbourne. The drive-through bottle shop, which is often attached to a pub or hotel, is also popular for locals looking to partake at home or at a mate’s house.

5. The weather

Every Melburnian knows about the wild weather that can occur in Melbourne. The phrase “four seasons in one day” is used to describe the eclectic weather of this southern city. The days and weeks in the seasons can vary wildly, with cold and rainy weeks in winter, followed by a week of mild almost spring-like weather. In summer, you can get a week of temperatures hitting 40 degrees Celsius, followed by torrential rain then a few mild weeks.

6. Cafes and restaurants.

There is a multicultural feel to Melbourne that shows in the range of cuisines available. Melburnians love to go out for brunch on Sunday morning, grab some Asian cuisine for dinner or have a good old steak or chicken parmigiana for lunch. Coffee is extremely popular in Melbourne and there is a café on practically every corner in the CBD. The options for food and drinks in Melbourne are practically endless.

7. The music scene

Melbourne is known as Australia’s music capital due to its thriving and diverse original music scene. All over the city and throughout the surrounding suburbs there are music venues that cater to all sorts of music including rock, country, jazz and grassroots among many others. Melburnians love to go out and watch a live band play and there are plenty of options to choose from.

Do you think you could fit in as a local Melburnian?


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