Three of the Biggest Eyewear Trends for Summer 2018

Fashion trends change notoriously quickly, with major fashion houses worldwide updating their collection every season to reflect the changing tastes of the public and the changing climate. Of course, accessories are no different, with everything from shoes to handbags getting the same seasonal treatment.

As you might expect then, sunglasses see their own trends every season, although (for obvious reasons) spring and summer see the biggest demand for what has become a staple part of any wardrobe. So, what is set to be big this year?

The first major sunglasses trend for summer 2018 looks set to be the micro style, with teeny-tiny sunglasses proving extremely popular. They’re not especially practical in terms of protection from the sun, but functionality seems to be an afterthought when it comes to eyewear trends these days. We expect Prada to be the leading brand in this regard, with a range of stylish and wonderfully impractical frames on offer in their new collection.

Statement lenses also seem to be a big pull this season, with all-out bling featuring in numerous collections and on the catwalk. Look out for bedazzled frames, over-the-top embellishments and wild colour combinations if you want to stand-out and be on-trend this summer. Our pick for the leading brand for this trend would be Gucci, who have a huge range of blingy frames on offer, particularly with their Magpie collection.

Finally, visible hardware is making a major impact this season, with an almost steampunk-inspired take on modern chic. Look out for frames that are ‘deconstructed’, showing as much hardware as possible. They fit in well with the bling trend, and certainly make strong statement pieces. Our pick for the top brand in this area is Cazal sunglasses, who certainly know how to make eyewear that stands out. Be on the lookout for their stylish and bold geometric frames, which are perfectly on trend for summer 2018.

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