Talk the Talk – 5 Communications Technologies Revolutionizing the Workplace

The most common communication method in a traditional workplace is by no means the most productive or efficient. It involves chasing that one person you need to see around the office, then potentially never finding them.

You’re then forever trying to find sticky notes or recall a conversation you had that might have had valuable information. These old methods are not working, but here are some new, modern ones that are:

Unified Communications as a Service

If your workplace desperately needs efficiency and productivity, then you’ll get that with cloud-based unified communications. Such a system enables you to answer phone calls from anywhere in the world, scale up or down, save more money than if you were with a traditional communications system, and improve global staff communication. It has never been easier than today for staff to communicate with each other and their customers effectively.

Automatic Call-Back Systems

Many businesses are failing on the “on hold” front, with frustrated customers at their wits end with having to wait a long time for someone to talk to them. That’s why automatic call-back systems are revolutionizing the workplace.

Instead of a customer service rep having to deal with explosive anger from people who are tired of waiting, they can call them back. The customer rings and gets told how long the wait will be, then has the option of a callback. They can then carry on with their day while they wait for a representative to get back to them.

Live Chat

Live chat services on websites are transforming the modern workplace. Instead of spending your day fielding phone calls from customers, you can talk with them on your PC while you work on other tasks at the same time.

Over half of the world’s population now uses the internet. That means that a good majority of those people know how to access your business website. They can either find the information on there or use your chat function to get it. It has never been easier than now for consumers to get what they want from you.

Cloud Documents & Storage

While there is nothing wrong with local computer storage of documents and data, it’s not the most convenient option anymore. Instead, cloud storage and documents are transforming the workplace. Not only can you access all your data from anywhere in the world, but so can anyone else who needs to see it.

If you want a colleague to edit or see a document, you can send them the link to do so. Previously, you would have to be in the same building as them, offering them instructions on how to find your desk, log into your computer, and find the file they needed.

Team Project Applications

Only 30 percent of the American workplace is engaged, partaking in worthwhile projects that make them feel valuable and valued. That’s where team project apps are making the difference.

If you include all your workers on one platform where they can communicate and engage, they may feel more connected with their workplace. Such platforms offer milestones for each person to complete, and a paper trail to ensure the allocation of every task to a worker.

Carrier pigeons, fax machines, rotary phone systems all paved the way for many different communication methods at one point or another. Then, the internet took over. Now, digital platforms are making talking with other people more effortless than ever before. If you want to transform your workplace – both for your staff and customers- then try unified communications, live chat, and cloud systems. They are a few of the many standout methods that can change the way you do business.

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