How to Pass a Hair, Urine, Saliva, and Blood Drug Test with Clear Drug Test Fast

Laboratory, Medical, Lab, Diagnostics, Blood, Tube

Laboratory, Medical, Lab, Diagnostics, Blood, Tube

For most people, the request to have a drug test done can be a scary situation but more so for marijuana smokers.

Although marijuana is natural, harmless and legalized in several states, using it can lead to other issues. Employers can choose not to hire you, fire you, or use your marijuana use to prevent you from getting worker’s or unemployment compensation claims. Testing positive for marijuana use, by a court-ordered test, can get you jail time or cause you to lose custody of your kids. Cannabis has the potential of remaining in the fat cells of your body long after you smoke, which can result in testing positive days and weeks later.

In this article, you will find information that will dispel the rumors and provide you with the whole truth about what works and what does not work, so you can pass a drug test quickly without stressing yourself unnecessarily.

Types of Drug Tests

There are several testing methods to find out if drugs are in your body:

  • Blood Test – these are rare but are more precise in determining if someone is presently high. While other procedures screen for non-psychoactive metabolites, a blood test really measures the THC level in the bloodstream, meaning that testing will show up as positive a couple of hours after smoking.
  • Hair Test– this is probably the hardest of all tests to pass and supposedly will test positive months after the last use. However, hair tests are rare. Know too that even if you shave your head in the hope to mislead the hair test, the sample can be taken from other places on the body where hair is present. So be thorough if you shave!
  • Saliva Test– this is more frequent than the hair or blood test and is administered by a mouth swab. This is a less sensitive procedure when compared with others but it will usually detect marijuana use in your system within the past few hours.
  • Urine Test– this is the most commonly administered drug screening used by employers and immigration officers. A urine sample is usually submitted to the lab for inspection. Many labs use the “5-panel test”, which tests for five substances: cocaine, cannabis, opiates, amphetamines and methamphetamines.

Debunking the Phony Methods

Before revealing the ideal way to test negative for a drug test, let us clear up first what you should not do. There are so many half-truths out there and the internet is full of numerous methods that can help you pass your test, but many will not work. For example:

  • Drinking vinegar, niacin, fruit pectin, among others.
  • Taking herbal purging supplements such as Goldenseal
  • Taking high doses of Aspirin/Ibuprofen
  • Adding vinegar, bleach, water to your urine

However, none of the above methods are confirmed or reliable. These days, labs test can detect all types of tampering. Moreover, the old Aspirin trick has no validity either. In addition, an online rumor says drinking bleach can help. Don’t fall this stupid and completely dangerous remedy.

Detox drinks is another suggested method. These Detox drinks allegedly provide a window of few hours after drinking them, after which, your urine will be drug free. Nevertheless, there are no reliable evidence or research to prove they really work.

How to Pass

  1. Urine Test

Your best option in passing a urine drug test is to drink a lot of water to flush your system. Drinking lots of water will dilute the metabolites in your urine sample, with the hope that the drug will not be detected. Additionally, you can drink as much fluid as your body can retain. Also, a huge dose of Vitamin B will cause your urine to darken in color because labs get suspicious when urine is overly watery and clear. They will also reject it. Try to pass your urine several times before your test and avoid scheduling your test for early morning since the overnight buildup of metabolites in your bladder will be easily detected. Check this URL for more on drugs testing:

person holding lighting spoon pipe

Hair Test

There are Detox shampoos that can help, but most are unreliable. The older version of the Aloe Rid Detox Shampoo really works because, it works its way into the hair shaft and gets rid of the toxins.

  1. Saliva Test

Saliva drug screening can detect the presence of drugs in the saliva within 30 minutes to an hour after ingestion. This brief “time-period” makes it ideally suited for after accident and reasonable undefined testing circumstances. The window of detection in saliva testing is usually 24 to 48 hours.

While the lab usually completes a negative saliva screening in approximately 24 hours, it takes about one week for the THC to come out of your saliva.

It is said that drug users can pass this drug test easily if they follow some simple procedures. Among these simple procedures is the belief that eating specific foodstuffs can modify saliva production. Detox drinks too are alleged to be very effective in concealing the presence of drugs in the saliva and smoking can also disguise the metabolites that are needed for determining drug intake.


There is much information on drug use on the internet including the various testing methods and effective procedures that can be used to mask drugs intake. While the discussion will undoubtedly continue and new ways will emerge to hide the presence of drugs in the system, the most effective remedy against drug detection in your system is abstinence.

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