How to Maintain Independence Through Your Elderly Years

After living a full life, something is frightening about approaching old age and losing our independence, which is why it’s important to grasp it for as long as possible. Unfortunately, the thought of transitioning into assisted living facilities or care homes means the road to old age can be daunting. Fortunately, we can make use of several strategies to keep us living life on our terms for longer. With this in mind, we’ve gathered together the top strategies for keeping hold of your independence during your senior years.

Changes at Home

When you get older, you may start to lose some mobility, which means getting to the front door can be a challenge. Therefore, you may need to have alterations to your home, which will remove barriers and let you traverse your home with ease. For example, you may need to have railings put in the bathroom to help you safely get up and down.

Unfortunately, making changes to the home can rack up an extortionate bill, which can make it impractical. Therefore, you may want to consider assisted living near you, which will let you make use of access equipment that’s already there. Granted, it will mean leaving your home, but it will help you keep hold of that all-important independence.

Get Out

Fresh air is vital to staying healthy during old age and can work wonders for your independence. There are plenty of things you can do including walking through local parks, attending a book club, going to church, and much more. Getting involved in the local community will help you to live life on your terms for longer. Even if you need assistance getting there, you make the rules and make sure you’re getting out and about.

Get Online

Unfortunately, old age can mean having to drop weekly tasks including physical food shopping. Fortunately, thanks to the power of the internet, you can still keep in touch with the world and have your groceries delivered to your door. Also, you can use social media platforms to stay in touch with relatives and friends, without the need to make lengthy journeys.

Being Social

Make sure that you remain social as you age, even if that’s getting involved in an assisted living community’s enrichment program. It’s important not to isolate yourself as you age, which is easily done if you’ve got mobility issues. Keeping up a strong social life will boost self-esteem and improve cognition.

Maintain Routines

Independence is all about control, so make sure you’ve got a rigid plan for your day, which will help you get the best out of life. As well as providing independence, a strong sense of routine will boost your cognitive functionality. You can utilize your family, friends, or caregivers to support you with your routine, but the most important part is to stick to it; disruptions can cause stress under certain conditions.

Maintaining independence is much to do with keeping control and is vital for maintaining sanity as we age. Fortunately, there are plenty of tactics, like those discussed above, that will keep us feeling empowered.


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