How Sharing Your Trips on Social Media Can Help You Sell More

If you are a business owner, you’ll do your best to sell more and more. Naturally, you’ll also approach various social media in order to do so. So, you’ll begin to advertise your brand on Instagram, Facebook, and whatnot, expecting an increase in sales.

However, they will not be increasing as you would expect; why?

Well, it is because of a mistake most brand owners and/ or promoters do. In short, when promoting a certain brand, we tend to forget that people don’t care about brands as much as they care about hearing from the person that’s behind that one Instagram account.

Basically, instead of getting yourself too busy with complex marketing strategies and such, it is better to sometimes rely on simple things that can, for sure, advertise your brand, increase its awareness, and boost sales.

Therefore, in today’s article, we’ll tell you how sharing your trips and such on social media can help you sell more and make your business successful!

The Use of Hashtags

If you are featured on the top Instagram hashtags page, your business’ page will surely enjoy a boost in followers, likes, and comments.

However, you will not get featured there if you rely on boring, simple hashtags. In short, any hashtags that refer solely to your business will not make it popular. Therefore, if you are on a trip and find a way to discretely advertise your business, you’ll have the opportunity to place multiple types of hashtags under your post – big ones, that refer to your trip and that can get featured, as well as ones meant to advertise your business.

Even though they say business should not be merged with pleasure, you can surely take advantage of a trip to increase your sales.

Consistency and Activity

For example, let’s say that you take more than enough photos during your trip but, ironically, you don’t post any of them on your profile and, instead, rely on the same old posts meant to advertise your business.

In this respect, you can rely on an Instagram bot to automate your profile, making it more consistent, as well as active. You will be able to schedule posts with photos from your trip and post them at just the right time.

If you share photos from your trips at the right moment, pair them with proper hashtags, and create, overall, interesting and engaging content, your audience will begin to trust you, as well as your brand.

Personal Content wins Over Brand-Targeted Content

As you may have realized so far, content that is solely created to advertise your brand won’t get your business too far. However, if you create personal content, that your audience can relate to and engage with, you will enjoy not only social media popularity but also increase in brand awareness and sales.

After all, look at all the top brands out there – they come up with catchy, entertaining content, that sometimes seems like it’s not advertising any brand at all.

The Bottom Line

Therefore, use your trips, be them for pleasure or business, in order to advertise yourself as well as your brand, and boost your sales.

Remember what we mentioned at the beginning of this article: people don’t want to hear from brands, how good they are and so on; they want to hear from the people behind them, that advertise them. In short, they want to be able to relate to a brand, even though its main product is toothpicks.

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