Hidden Indoor Security Camera

By using hidden indoor security cameras, you not only can keep tabs on kids and pets but can only maintain the overall security of your home. Check out these superb indoor security cameras for home/offices:

  1. Lenovo K910L Compatible Wireless HD IP Wifi Indoor Security Camera

This camera works through the sonic recognition technology. The camera has a 360-degree camera mobile control therefore, you can rotate the camera vertically/horizontal from any direction in the world. The camera allows for maintaining night vision and saving cloud server recordings on FTP server.

  1. Foscam R2 1080 P Pan Tilt Zoom Wifi IP security camera

This camera system can easily be installed and ideal for the surveillance system. With wide 110, people ensure that angle vision need to be 110. Intelligent motion alerts help in providing wonderful real the monitoring. High power IR-LEDs are capable of providing night vision fir up to 26 ft.

  1. Tokyo App- Controlled Wifi Spy Tank With Camera –

With the help of Android/IOS app, you can easily control the Wifi Spy Car. Along with video synchronizing, you can get the proper live control. This camera weighs only 1.5 kg and so can be easily transferred to different places.

Self Defense Weapons

It is pretty much important to know how to defend yourself. Even if you don’t have a particular strength, you can protect yourself by using self defense weapons objects:

  1. VIPERTEK Stun Gun – This powerful heavy duty stun gun is among the best self-defense tools available in the marketplace. Along with wonderful features, this stun gun also offers a lifetime warranty. The LED flashlight on the VIPERTEK stun gun can be used for stunning opponents and vacate the area.
  2. Cool Steel Brooklyn Mini Bat – This cool baseball bat is pretty handy. It weighs only 1.4 pounds but help in preventing against the strongest type of persons. Polypropylene material is used for manufacturing the bat. It means you are unable to put any dents on the bat.
  3. Mace Brand Pepper Spray Gun – Just by looking at the gun, you can off-put any kind of attack. The patented spray helps in identifying the attacker that may try to run. No matter you are 20 feet away, still, you can blast all seven sprays and prevent yourself from attackers

Self Defense Stick

We also have self defense stick. Women, weak physical heath people can also use the self-defense stack and prevent them from attacks.

Here are some best self-defense sticks present in the world

  1. Xiaguang 4- Step Adjustable Anti- Shock Walking Stick – This self-defense stick is manufactured with strong aluminum material and has flashlights and batteries. Spring mechanism reduces body weight on the knees, thighs
  2. 2pc Self Defense Security Telescopic Folding Stick – This amazing stuck is made of durable material and provides effective performance for longer periods
  3. BISMAADH 65 cm Expandable Iron Baton – This stick is manufactured through the stainless steel and weighs around 350 g. You can expand the baton and use it for defensive and offensive purposes.
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