A First Timers Trip to Uganda – and What to Expect

If you want to start a real journey around the world, the Eastern region of Africa is a must. This blog is being written to grant an insight for A First Timers Trip to Uganda- and What to Expect. When it comes to Africa, the most worthwhile place to go is Uganda- which is known as the “plateau water town”. This is primitive and mysterious, pure and beautiful land!

Uganda, located on the plateau of East Africa, is divided equally between Kenya and Tanzania and has the largest freshwater lake in Africa- Lake Victoria. Lake Victoria is also the source of the Nile, the world’s longest river. After the Nile River flowed out of Lake Victoria, due to the plateau, the huge height difference created a steep terrain. There are many falls and waterfalls along the way, and the scenery is magnificent and intriguing.

For A First Timers Trip To Uganda Our stay was at MADA Nile Resorts – which is one of the best hotels in the area; covering an area of 300 acres, with only 85 suites and 170 people. MADA Nile Resorts hotel has a unique natural environment. In the park where the hotel is located, you’ll be able to see wild monkeys, jaws storks, Madagascar heron, little egrets, the East African Bald Cranes, bald eagles, crested ibis and other exotic birds. It feels like a jungle safari experience while being at the hotel. Added artificial amusement themes include Bungee jumping, white bleaching, and sandy motorcycles- also in the hotel.

Mount Elgon is located at the junction of Uganda and Kenya. It is located in the northeast of Lake Victoria and is an extinct volcano. Mount Elgon is a corner that has been forgotten by modern civilization. This is a magical land that still retains its original features. It is both a land for hunting and grazing and a free kingdom for animals. This is among one of the most intriguing  locations for A First Timers Trip To Uganda.

The mountains are steep, with many streams and waterfalls, dense forests, a variety of birds and beasts, and many rare animals. The Sipi waterfall in Mount Elgon quite interesting. After a long day of running, I suddenly saw this clear stream, and I wanted to wash my itch-heavy body with dust and sweat under the waterfall. It was a blissful experience to bath in the wild a must have for A First Timers Uganda tour.

After going through some market towns- where we bought a crate of green bananas. These bananas need to be cooked and eaten. Then there are mangoes, jackfruits, and a tropical cornucopia of fruits. The kebabs here are so amazing- if you have a strong enough stomach to digest them.

The scenery on the roadside is good. The house of a single-family house is of different sizes. The house on the mountainside is patchwork, surrounded by green trees, and there is a sense of leisure in the fields. There are also dense forests and wide grasslands, and the air is fresh and there is no industrial pollution. Of course, because the economy is backward, it has not been developed.

Human beings yearn for material civilization, or they are used to it, so for such a primitive place, they can only be a guest, and it is good to appreciate the scenery. Overall, the trip is one which is recommended for all those who are on A First Timers Trip To Uganda.

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