5 Ways To Decorate Your Entry Way

An entryway is a hall that is generally located at the front entrance of a house or office. It is a transition space between the outdoor and your house or apartment. It is a liminal space for slipping off shoes, putting down whatever we have been carrying, hanging up our outer clothes, and sorting our mail. There is often a coat closet for hanging your outer clothes.

Not many houses have an entry way. For these houses, the front door usually leads directly into the living room or to a foyer. Some houses will have a mud room, a place to remove and store footwear, outerwear, and wet clothing before entering the main house. The mud room or an entry way provides storage space and helps to increase the cleanliness of a house proper.

When your visitor steps through your front door, the entry way or the mud room is the first space to greet your visitor. The entry way should be decorated in such a way as to exude a warm welcome to whoever steps through the front door.

5 ways to decorate your entry way on your own or you can hire one of the high end interior designers Los Angeles to do a great job for you.

  • Color: If you are good at color matching, then you can choose and paint your front door with bold color to give your visitors a warm welcome. Incorporate bold colors or eye-catching patterns or designs into your entry way or foyer without overwhelming your visitors. I will have to depend on one of the interior designers near me to get the job done for me since I am not good at matching colors.
  • Runner: A runner acts like a carpet to welcome your visitors into your home. Place it in the centre, away from furniture. It should not obstruct the front door from opening freely. Instead of placing a runner that will get dirty and needs washing, you can choose to paint one on the floor which is a simple and creative way to mask the wear and tear of the floor.
  • Wall decorations: Hang eye-catching wall display to engage your visitors such as ornamental mirrors, framed scenery, hanging scroll with large-scale floral prints, etc. A mirror also help creates the illusion of a bigger space.
  • Furniture: Filling a little nook in the entry way or foyer with a small table and a chair to give it a cozier feel. The chair serves as a seat for removal or putting on of footwear.
  • Lighting: A table lamp casts an inviting glow. Whatever you pick, your choice of lighting sets the tone for the rest of the house.
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