Would You Like To Reclaim Bamboo Loan Refund?

Have you taken out a loan from Bamboo and are now looking for a refund? Many people have been helped by a loan from companies like Bamboo. Sometimes we all need a helping hand financially, and guarantor loans can provide a welcome bridge when it is required. For the many borrowers who have no problems with Bamboo and their guarantor loan, there is nothing to worry about.

However, not everyone is as fortunate as this. Some borrowers have experienced difficulties because of the loan they arranged with Bamboo, and many borrowers can make a legitimate claim against the lender. If you would like to reclaim a Bamboo loan refund, you will find plenty of assistance on offer.

Who are Bamboo, and what do they do?

Bamboo is a direct lender with staff based in various parts of England and Wales, and the company has developed a reputation for being a reliable lender. The company claims to have assisted more than 50,000 people to obtain a loan each year, and the firm claims to reward loyal customers.

In a competitive marketplace, Bamboo Loans are popular, and many people recommend them to their friends.

Can I claim a refund from Bamboo Loans?

While Bamboo claim to help borrowers, this doesn’t mean they always make the right decision. It might be you are unhappy with the loan received from Bamboo, or from the support offered by the company.

Not every borrower has the right to make a claim against a lender, but there are many reasons why you might have a valid claim against Bamboo, and this will form the basis of your Bamboo loan refund.

What do lenders like Bamboo get wrong?

While Bamboo are highly experienced, they sometimes make mistakes. If a lender makes one of the following errors in providing you with a loan, you have the opportunity to claim a refund:

  • Not making clear what the charges are for the loan
  • Not making transparent what the fees are for the loan
  • Not clarifying payment dates for the loan
  • Not ensuring the borrower has the means to repay the loan

If you weren’t afforded the right level of care when applying for a loan, you might be due a refund.

Making your claim against Bamboo for a mis-sold loan

If you plan on claiming against Bamboo, it will help you to prepare your argument. If you can present a valid reason as to why you are due a refund from your loan, you will enhance your chances of success.

Three questions you need to ask yourself are:

  1. How much money did I borrow in the guarantor loans?
  2. How many months was the guarantor loan spread over?
  3. Was the guarantor loan repayable?

Can I contact Bamboo directly with my complaint?

It is possible to contact Bamboo with a complaint about your loan and to claim a refund. If you are unhappy with the response provided by Bamboo, you can contact the FCA and FOS to escalate your complaint.

However, it might be more productive for you to contact a professional in this field. By calling on experts who have a proven track record in assisting borrowers raise complaints against lenders like Bamboo, you enhance your chances of success.

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