Ways of Presenting a Gift to Make It Extra Special

If you have a special friend, you might have already tried all sorts of ways to give a gift on their birthday and other occasions. By now, you are running out of moves for presenting a gift. You might want to try these strategies, and they could work in your favour.

Ask someone else to deliver the gift

It is not about what you are giving, but how you present it. You can partner with someone in delivering the gift to surprise the recipient. It can be an innocent child or someone your friend works with. You might even have a regular delivery guy offer the gift. It is also not about the person giving the gift, but the element of surprise.

Create fake packaging

The key to success, if you use this strategy, is to plant a seed of disappointment that suddenly turns into something happy. You might want to give something expensive but wrap it in something that does not reveal the value of what is inside. Be cautious in doing the reverse. If you want to prank someone, it might be okay, but not when you want the person receiving it to feel special.

Try a scavenger hunt

If you want the recipient to work hard before getting the gift, it is a good idea to have them hunt for the gift first. You can place clues and puzzles all over the place before they eventually find the gift. Of course, you need to ensure that your friend likes doing this kind of activity. Otherwise, your friend will give up in the middle of the challenge and not care about your gift anymore. The good thing in the use of this strategy is that you need to put effort into creating an adventure-filled game. Your friend will appreciate it.

Unexpected discovery

You can hide your gift in a place that the recipient will most probably look. It could be in the area for keeping their keys. It can also be on a shoe rack. At work, you can hide it inside the drawer or in the pantry, next to the pizza box. If you are confident that your friend will find what you hid, it is okay.

Use special paper

You can buy personalised stationery if you want your friend to receive a particular letter from you. Since it is customised paper, you can include your signature and photo on the paper. Your friend will appreciate that you took the extra step to give a beautiful letter. Of course, you also need to write a lovely message on the paper, or else, it won’t be enough even if the paper looks terrific.

With these tips for presenting a gift, your friend will be in for a surprise. You need to plan the details carefully, or else, you will be the one getting surprised that no one saw your special gift. It is easy to come up with unique ideas for presenting a gift if you know your friend well.

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