The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Most Flattering and Comfy Scrubs

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Most Flattering and Comfy Scrubs

If you work in a medical or dental office, you know the struggle of finding a good set of scrubs. This guide will tell you everything you need to know so you can find the most flattering and comfy scrubs available.

When it comes to finding a good set of scrubs, the struggle is beyond real. You look around you and see nothing but bland, gag-inducing scrubs that don’t even fit your body while you work.

This can definitely take a toll on you physically, mentally, and fashionably (yes, it’s a thing, people).

Thankfully, this is a problem that can be easily fixed.

I’ve put together a guide to help you find the scrubs you need to look and feel your best on the job. Read on to find out more!

Take Your Measurements

The first thing you can do to help you find the most comfortable scrubs is to take your body measurements.

Since you wear your scrubs often, you want something that properly fits your body and the way you move. If your scrubs fit awkwardly on your body, you can fix this by taking measurements to find a fit that works for you.

There are key areas on the body that you need to measure in order to do this. The first measurement you should take is around your bust (for women) or chest (for men).

For this area, measure beneath your arms and around the fullest part of your chest to get the most accurate measurement.

Another key area is the waist. Even though pants are flexible with their fit, they can only flex so much before you simply can’t fit them.

Measuring your natural waist will allow you to know the exact pants size you need to wear for the most comfortable fit.

You should also remember to measure your hip size as well. Your hips are wider than your waist, and you need to make sure you have room there to move around comfortably.

Make sure to measure your hips around the fullest area and with your feet together to give you the most accurate result.

Finally, make sure to measure along the inseam (the area along the inside of the leg) so your thighs and your groin area have adequate room.

Check out this guide for an easy and accurate way to do the measurements.

To Have Pockets, or Not to Have Pockets

When you think scrubs, you think pockets. Fate has apparently demanded that the two stay together.

But do you really want to follow the trend, or do you want to do your own thing?

Before you make your decision, remember that the pockets serve an actual purpose.

Your breast pocket, for example, is really great for holding knick-knacks such as pens, a small notebook, or even a clip-on name tag. If you feel that your breast pocket helps you out with this, then you should definitely keep it around.

However, some people may not want a breast pocket. They may think it just looks hideous on their scrubs, or on a more critical level, you may place pressure or pain on your neck or shoulders from stuffing the pocket.

In this case, you’re better off not having a breast pocket at all.

Pockets on your pants are equally as important to decide on. The deeper pockets on the pants are great for holding medical instruments, which is really important when you’re working in a large hospital and need to have equipment ready.

However, if you’re working in, say, a small dentist office, there’s no need to walk around with a bunch of equipment bulging out of your pockets. In fact, there’s really no need for pockets, period.

Also, scrubs with pockets tend to be a bit more than those without them, because of… well, pockets.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether pockets are necessary but no matter what option you choose, make sure it suits your style.

How Durable Do You Need Your Scrubs?

This is actually a pretty important thing to think about when looking for figure flattering scrubs.

Your scrubs should have a level of durability specific to the tasks you have to deal with.

Some wards may not be very messy to work in or require a lot of moving around, so the chances of building up sweat and grime are pretty minor.

If this is the case, you could get away with a lighter, thinner scrub to tackle your everyday tasks and keep you cool.

On the other hand, you may work in a much messier ward, like pediatrics. If that’s the case, a light and thin scrub is the last thing you need.

Your best bet is to buy a thick scrub that can take multiple beatings in the washer and still look as fresh as the first time you wore it.

A dark scrub would also be a good choice to go with so you can better hide the work stains (you don’t want the world to see the effects your work grind splattered all over you).

You can even find scrubs that are made out of breathable materials, so you can keep the sweat away and still have durable workwear.

Chose Which Comfy Scrubs Fit your Body

After you’ve done all of the above steps, the most important thing you could do is find out which pair of scrubs fit the way you want.

There are many different styles and cuts out there, but the four most popular ones are Missy Fit, Juinor Fit, Unisex Fit, and Athletic Fit.

If you want a scrub that defines your figure, then Missy Fit is the way to go. They feature long sleeves and a top that fits comfortably around the contours of your body.

Juinor Fit is all about the slim. The sleeves are shorter than the other styles, with the top fitting close to the body and the bottom hugging against your legs.

The most popular is the classic Unisex Fit, which features the scrub we’ve all come to know and love. This is the best choice for those who want a breathable upper and a relaxed, natural sitting lower.

Finally, the Athletic Fit is made for those with high energy. It offers mesh perforations and a stretchable waistband for the ultimate level of freedom and breathability.

At the end of the day, there are plenty of amazing and figure flattering scrubs to choose from. Just check out this company and see what I mean!

You Heard it From Sweet Captcha

Now you know everything about finding the comfiest scrubs to fit your needs and have you looking flawless on the job in no time.

But why stop there?

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