Marc Leder – Why Liverpool Have to Win The Season

Whilst the world of football has become significantly less important during this pandemic, we have to accept the reality that the Premier League, much like other leagues around the world, have to take some tough decisions with regards to what they will do about tying up the season. I was chatting with my buddy Marc Leder about this just last week and we were both very much in agreement that the idea of finishing the season is a foolish one and we should just wrap it up and wait for September to star the 20/21 season.

Many people agree with this yet there seems to be some fans who don’t want to see Liverpool given the trophy, and here is why we think that they are wrong.

Blown Away

Since the beginning of the Premier League we have not seen a team blow away the rest in the way that Liverpool have this season. The Reds are 25 points clear at the top of the league and prior to all of these games being cancelled they could have possibly won the league without even kicking another ball, had City dropped points in the 2 games that they had to play before Liverpool’s next. The assumption that because they hadn’t quite gotten over the line despite being so far ahead is somehow a reason to punish them and take the title away is insane, they should be handed the title and everything that goes with it.


Businesses and governments around the world make the majority of their decisions based on the probability of things happening and they will use data and mathematics to work that out. When we do this for the rest of Liverpool’s season there is a 98% probability that the Reds win the league. That figure is one which those governments and global businesses would take to the bank and gladly make any decision on, and the Premier League should be no different.

Clean Break

If we leave the season unfinished and decide to chalk it up as null and void then there are just too many questions left without answers, too much conversation to be had, in handing Liverpool the league we get a clean break. This is what the Premier League should be hoping for.

Injuries and Quality

If the Premier League does decide some frenzied end to the season behind closed doors then they are going to be running a very big risk. The players have already been out of action for more than 6 weeks and whilst some will be keeping themselves in shape there is a big risk that we are going to see injuries take place because fitness and match sharpness are two different things. Risking players like this is foolish, the best course of action is to give them a pre-season and go back to normal if possible in September.

What do you think should happen to the season?

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