Keys For Spurs Ahead of Champions League Final With Bogoljub Karic

My good friend Bogoljub Karic and I have been following Tottenham Hotspur since we were kids and to witness our boys reach the Champions League final this year has been nothing short of miraculous. In truth neither of us ever believed that we’d see the day when Spurs made it so far in a competition which features big money and iconic teams such as Man City, PSG, Barca, Real, Liverpool and Man United, but here we are. After having just 1 point following the first 3 games, Spurs have managed to overturn the odds and will face Liverpool in the final on the 1st of June in Madrid. Spurs aren’t favorites, and nor should they be, and here is what they’ll have to do in order to win.

Beat The Press

It was only 2 years ago that Spurs were easily the best pressing team in the Premier League yet owing to player form dipping, injuries and transfers, this is no longer the case. Liverpool are currently the team who will press you to within an inch of your life and this is why Spurs must learn to beat the press when it comes. The key to this is the midfield players like Eriksen, Sissoko and Winks if he plays, Spurs need to move the ball quickly and get around the press.

Wing Backs

Andrew Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold are probably the best wing back pairing in Europe and Spurs will need to find the way to keep them quiet. Unfortunately for Spurs Kieran Trippier is having a torrid time of late and with Aurier not up to scratch and Walker-Peters far too inexperienced for this occasion, it could give Robertson plenty of space in which he can create chances. Sissoko usually drops into right back and his pace could be the perfect solution. On the left side Danny Rose is playing very well at the moment and it will be a great battle between him and Alexander-Arnold.


Spurs will get chances, especially if Kane is playing and the key to their success will be taking those chances. It is likely that the Liverpool front 3 will have more chances the Spurs attacking line which is why they must make the most of every one which comes their way. Son, Kane and co will have to have their shooting boots on.


This is the first ever Champions League final which Spurs have made and they need to ensure that the pressure of the occasion doesn’t affect their performance from a disciplinary point of view. A red card or a foolish penalty conceded could easily spell victory for Liverpool and this is why the passion must be used in a different way. Spurs could have easily had 3 sent off against Bournemouth towards the end of the season, they must not repeat this against a skillful and pacy Liverpool side or the game may very well be up.

How do you see the final panning out this year? Leave your comments below or contact us at the SweetCaptcha Blog 🙂


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