Consider Organic Formula for Your Baby

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) controls the classification of organic foods. For infant formula, it is possible to receive an organic classification if 95% of the content came from ingredients used in sustainable agriculture. It also means that the formula contains no pesticides or fertilizers. If the milk came from animals, the animals received no antibiotics or growth hormones. Sugar, corn syrup, and glucose are also not present in the said formula. Otherwise, it can’t have an organic classification.

If you are searching for infant formula, consider organic. The presence of chemicals in food could affect the growth of your baby. At that age, your baby is still vulnerable, and chemicals could impede development. Therefore, it is time to consider an organic formula.

More vitamins, no pesticides

The first benefit of having an organic formula is that anything that is organic contains a high amount of nutrients including vitamins. During the autumn and winter seasons, babies grow slower. Therefore, they need a higher vitamin supply. Pesticides are harmful to human beings, and you don’t want your baby’s formula to contain even the slightest trace of pesticide. Increased pesticide content could lead to lung injuries and dysfunction of the immune system.

Your baby will have deeper and longer sleep

You want your baby to get adequate sleep. Sleeping helps them develop, and also aids in their digestion. Processed foods are bad for their tummy and could affect their sleeping time. If your baby doesn’t sleep on time, you also can’t sleep on time. No one wants to be cranky the next day. Therefore, you need to shift to organic formula now.

You support a better environment

You need to be conscious of your shopping decisions especially in promoting products that have a negative impact on the environment. Raising animals where organic milk comes from does not harm the environment in any way. It is not like raising cows that receive GMO.

Your baby becomes resistant to allergies  

You also don’t want your baby to suffer from allergies now, or in the future. Therefore, it helps to use organic formula since it can make your baby resistant to allergies. A commercial non-organic formula, on the other hand, might contain ingredients that trigger specific types of allergies.

Your baby will have better brain growth  

Your baby is at a stage where everything is still developing, including the brain. Therefore, you want your baby to drink milk that boosts brain function. With the presence of Omega-3 acid in organic dairy, their brain develops faster.

It is safe to have organic milk

As a parent, you need to be careful with what you feed your baby. Given the chemical content in almost anything available commercially these days, you need to be cautious of your decisions. If possible, stick to organic products. You don’t need to settle with stores you find locally. If you can select the best baby food formula online, you can continue shopping online. The chemicals in food and milk might not have an immediate impact on your baby but could lead to tremendous suffering in the long run.

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