Benefits of Supplementing Breast Milk with Formula

We hear the many benefits of breastfeeding, but did you know there are benefits of supplementing breast milk with formula? Find out more, here.

Too often books, classes, and sometimes even Doctors teach that feeding has to be exclusively one or the other. Breastmilk or formula.

But did you know that most moms are supplementing breast milk with formula by 3 months?

Supplementary feeding (sometimes called mixed or combination feeding) is when you feed your baby with both breastmilk and formula.

In reality, there are many situations when supplementary feeding is the best option.

Read on for 4 benefits of using the combination feeding technique for your baby!

Supplementing Breast Milk With Formula May Mean More Sleep for Mom and Baby

Formula takes longer to digest than breast milk. That means a breastfed baby will feed more often.

With a bottle of lebenswert formula before bed baby may be able to go an extra hour or two in between feedings at night which means more sleep for mom!

And remember, your breastmilk production will become cyclical. So while you might wake up sore the first few mornings, your breasts will eventually learn to produce less milk at night.

Never underestimate the power of a good sleep for both mom and baby!

Moms With Low or Inconsistent Supply Can Still Breastfeed

Some moms suffer from medical conditions that limit their milk supply. Having had surgery on or near the breasts can also affect milk supply.

If this is the case, supplementing breast milk with formula can mean that even when the milk doesn’t come baby will have a nutritious meal.

Some hospitals recommend supplementary feeding for babies who lose more than 10% of their body weight during the first 36 hours. Most moms don’t actually produce breast milk for 4 or 5 days after the baby is born. Formula can help those babies get the nutrition they need until mom’s breastmilk comes in.

Mixed feeding can eliminate the stress that comes from wondering if your baby is getting enough nutrition, gaining enough weight, and feeling full.

You Can Work Without Having to Pump

Some working moms don’t like to pump while they’re on the job. If, for whatever reason, this is the case you can begin having your baby take a bottle while you’re at work.

Milk production works on a demand basis but can also follow a schedule if you’re consistent. Letting baby take formula during the day can eventually mean that your breasts will learn to produce less milk while you’re working but not altogether.

Baby Can Bond More with Your Partner

Breastfeeding isn’t just about nutrition. The benefits include bonding and closeness. If you choose to supplement feed that means your partner can participate in the feeding and bonding process with your baby as well.

Your baby will be able to use your partner as a soothing mechanism instead of just needing mom when they are hungry or sad.

Remember This

How you choose to feed your baby should be a choice you make based on your specific circumstances and doctor’s recommendations.

But remember that supplementing breast milk with formula is an option that can provide flexibility and peace of mind with all the benefits of breastfeeding.

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