Everyone loves a good party, but not everyone likes to host.  Hosting is a lot of work! Between sending out the invitations, getting everything set up, and managing the flow of the party on the day-of, it’s hard to actually have fun yourself. But, there are many things you can do to better prepare for the event and make sure everyone has a good time – including you! Here are 5 tips on how to throw a party everyone will be talking about for weeks and that you can enjoy just

You decided to surprise your significant other by shaving… down there. Everything is looking smooth and great. You’re actually a bit proud of your work!  The day comes and… oh no, no, no, no. You’ve got a major case of razor bumps and it’s looking gnarly. Them seeing you makes it uncomfortable, you’re a bit self-conscious and embarrassed. Your little foray into being frisky didn’t pan out the way you wanted it at all. Razor bumps happen with ease if you’re shaving wrong. This could be anywhere on your body

To discover how artificial intelligence is changing the way which everyday businesses operate, continue reading to find out how AI technology is already being utilized by businesses. Artificial intelligence in business: AI Chatbots are becoming increasingly more useful and more common In the last year, the number of business’ who have implemented AI chatbots on their websites homepages has increased. The number one reason to use an AI chatbot on your website is that most business owners find that their admin team gets flooded with the same questions over and

The ketogenic diet is one of the fastest growing diet trends — and for a good reason! Millions of people who have struggled with their weight all their lives have found success thanks to keto. That said, keto diet weight loss is not for everyone. More than a diet, keto is a complete lifestyle change, that you should keep up with even after you’ve reached your goal weight. If you’ve recently started or are thinking about starting a keto diet, there are a few vital pieces of information you that

Want to boost your earning potential? Click here to find out 10 types of online certification courses you can take to advance your career! Do you want a raise or promotion? Securing a higher salary is difficult if you don’t stand out from your fellow colleagues. To boost your salary in any industry, the key is furthering your education. Many certifications are transferable and make you more valuable to the employer. That doesn’t mean you need to go back to college or university. You can continue to work full time

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