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The law states that supplements are products taken by mouth that contain a dietary ingredient. With 92% of the U.S. population deficient in at least one nutrient, supplementation may seem like the best solution. However, considering the loose terminology defining what they are, is it okay to be giving your child a supplement and what should you look out for?  We’ve compacted the most common dietary deficiencies in this article to see whether supplements for kids is right for you. Why Are Our Children Deficient in Nutrients? Nutritional foods including

Attention Parents: Be Aware of These 10 Warning Signs of Drug Use As a parent, you want to protect your child from anything that is going to cause them harm. One of those dangers you want to protect them from is drug abuse. Today, we want to help you by giving you a list of the common warning signs of drug use so you know what signs to look for if you suspect your child of drug use. As a parent, it’s likely that you’re concerned by the idea of

7 Tips for Completing the FAFSA with Divorced Parents Trying to complete the FAFSA with divorced parents is a little different. There are rules based on who you live with and how much time you spend with each parent. Secure the most aid possible with these helpful tips. Congratulations on entering an exciting new chapter of your life. Your time at the university you have chosen will impact your world in a variety of ways you have yet to even imagine. Still, though, there are many nerve-racking things you need

A common question that school administrators like Jay Eitner get asked by parents and is, “what career should my child pursue?”  This is always a challenging question that has to take into account many different things. Most administrators will pause before answering the question and say that they need to ask additional questions to give a thoughtful answer. Here are the questions that is thoughtful administrator will ask a parent. What is your child’s passion? This question is designed to discover what the young person really loves to do. It

  One of the fears that most parents have is that they might be spoiling their kids by giving them expensive gifts during birthdays or Christmas. It is a legitimate fear to have, as it is quite easy to spoil them if you hand them everything that they want on a silver platter. It is also understandable to fall into that trap, as what parent would not want their kids to be happy? Fortunately, there are a few methods in which you can provide your kids with gifts that they

Whoever says that life is not full of difficult decisions most certainly lives a blessed existence. In reality, every day there are challenges. During your lifetime, some decisions will be harder than others, and some things that you want to do or feel are right will need dramatic and direct actions associated with them. Many personality types aren’t interested in fighting, but they don’t have a choice when it comes to specific events that can occur despite their best attempts to avoid the drama and the mess. Think of a

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