As the new personnel executive for the Cleveland Browns, Ryan Grigson is trying to raise the spotlight on his team. There are a number of things that make the Browns truly unique, one of those being their fantastic fan base. Another thing is their logo, and the lack of logo on their helmet.   Ryan Grigson on the Cleveland Browns’ Logo   The Cleveland Browns are the only professional team within the NFL that do not have a logo on the helmet. In fact, the fact that these helmets do

  Unfortunately, the risk of breast cancer is very real in women and actually even in men. Thankfully, there is a lot of technology available to ensure any abnormalities do not necessarily develop into full blown lethal cancer. Women should be committed to regularly self examining their breast tissue and visiting their physician if there is something abnormal. In most cases, there is something far less sinister going on. According to Life Medical Technologies, it is also very important that women have irregular mammogram once this is offered to them.

Let’s face it, the one thing which all of us are looking for in this life is to be happy, happiness is of course subjective and your happiness may alter from another’s. With this being said however, it is important that we do all that we can to have a happy life, and for me that comes from being inspired by those around you. To discover the secrets to a happy life, I spoke with arguably one of the happiest people in Cleveland, Ohio, my good friend George Ammar. George

Liquidmetal is quickly taking the tech world by storm as more and more people talk about it every day. This is in part because of the fact that Apple actually bought various patent rights for some Liquidmetal technologies. People tend to think that this is something new but that is simply because not much was said about it till now. According to John Kang, Liquidmetal specialist, the technology was first introduced in 2003. Since then we have seen it used in various industries. Liquidmetal is utilized in the production of

No matter where you in the world, you will be able to find unsightly and peculiar properties. Fayetteville, GA is home to a house shaped like a guitar. South Korea is home to the Toilet House. In England, there is a home where the interior is a replica of Star Trek’s Starship Enterprise. According to Allen R Hartman, making a proposition to construct weird and wonderful real estate should only be done if it is determined that the neighborhood in question is welcoming to those types of ideas. Allen R

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