Crucial Factors To Know About Cryptocurrency Prices

Cryptocurrencies have been here for years now, but their popularity is the new rising phenomenon. People have started cryptocurrency trading by investing in digital coins. The oldest and most popular among all is Bitcoin.

The idea of decentralization is unique, credible, and hats off to blockchain technology. This technology empowers digital coins, helping them sustain in the cryptocurrency markets and ensuring secure trading. But have you ever wondered what influences cryptocurrency value?

The immediate answer to this question is demand. The higher the demand, the higher the price and vice versa. But wait, demand is not only the reason. For crypto, several factors influence their valuation. Thus, one should know these factors before investing in the market.

How Does Cryptocurrency Work And Its Valuation?

Cryptocurrencies are not backed by any authority, unlike any other currency. Government backing can improve the valuation of currency in cryptocurrency markets. But as they are decentralized, they are influenced by various market sources. These include:

Node Count

Node Count measures the number of active wallets on the blockchain network. The more nodes, the stronger the community will be.

But why is node count important? The first reason is it shows you how strong the community is. A strong community is a good sign, which means the currency has a high chance of overcoming the crisis. Secondly, the increase in node count indicates a strong network for crypto.

Production Cost

Another factor that influences cryptocurrency prices is production cost. Production cost is the direct and opportunity costs. It means new cryptocurrency tokens are derived through mining. Miners use hardware and servers to create new tokens and verify the transaction. Hence, they receive the reward of it and a network fee.

It allows cryptocurrency to keep working smoothly. Moreover, if the mining cost increases, the value of cryptocurrency will increase. Miners won’t mind if the value of the mining currency is not high enough. The higher the production costs, the higher the value of coins.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

In Cryptocurrency Trading, crypto exchanges play a vital role. If the availability is more significant, people will buy and use the token. Hence, the demand will automatically increase. As a result, the increase in demand will increase in value.

Hence, cryptocurrency exchanges are increasing because of the rising popularity of cryptocurrency.

There are multiple and highly-reliable crypto exchanges in the market available today that are helping people to trade securely. However, though there is an increase in exchanges, there are higher chances of scams and fraud. Hence, you need to invest carefully.

Price Volatility

Cryptocurrency is still new to many people, making them unaware of how the crypto market works. Thus, the market can make it volatile for first-time crypto investors. On the other hand, experienced investors tend to hold cryptocurrencies or coins and influence the market for maximum profit.

Volatility is not always bad, and it allows people to experience a significant ROI. Hence, one should avoid taking it negatively. Yet, what is essential is that while investing, do your research work and don’t panic about price fluctuation.

Mass Adoption

Mass adoption directly influences demand and supply. The greater the number of users or buyers, the higher the value of crypto. As crypto coins are generated in minimal numbers, they instantly influence the price of a cryptocurrency.


The rising popularity of crypto has led to new tokens and initiatives around crypto every day. Hence, with this competition, the entry into cryptocurrency markets is comparatively low.

Creating a viable cryptocurrency relies on building a good network for investors. It will also help overcome the current limitation, thus gaining investors’ trust.


Scarcity is one of the biggest reasons for affecting its price. As per the principle of demand and supply, we understand how pricing for a limited product is higher. The same rule applies to the crypto market.

When the mining of bitcoins is complete, the demand, despite its used cases, increases. This surge in demand leads to a price rise of crypto coins, which further instinctively increases their value.

You must understand the crypto market functioning that influences its value and pricing as an investor. It will help you reap good profits. Additionally, uncertainties are also a part of the crypto market.

It is critical to keep these factors in mind instead of helping you to realize true market potential. There are many other ways to determine cryptocurrency value.

As an investor, all you need is to have knowledge of the market and how it functions. Do not be impulsive in jumping into the trading. Make wiser decisions at the time of market fluctuation.


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