Benefits Of Honey For Skin

Honey is really the jack of all trades. Produced by the bees, honey carries the goodness of nature that promotes health in so many ways. This is why use of honey is a centuries old remedy that has get to become obsolete.

Raw honey is an excellent antioxidant. Free radicals are produced by the body as by-product in reactions. If they are not countered by antioxidants, they wreak havoc on body, and pose risks of problems like cancer. Honey, on the other hand, is an excellent source of antioxidants.

Moreover, is also great for digestive issues like diarrhea. Its probiotic effect is also soothing for the gut. Honey is great for sore throat as well. It helps in suppressing coughs and provides reprieve from the seasonal cold bouts. Honey also has excellent antibacterial and antifungal properties.

But it is not just your body and health that benefit from honey. Honey is also great for the skin. Since it is natural, there is no danger of exposing skin to the harmful chemicals, although, for a more specialized care, you should enlist the help of the dermatologist in Lahore.

Benefits of honey

While you enjoy a wonder cup of honey lemon tea, you can lap some on your face as well, as benefits of honey for the skin include:

Pore Cleansing

We all hate congested pores. Notwithstanding the visual impact, clogged pores lead to breakouts and zits. They also cause white and black heads that require tedious intervention to be ridden of.

Honey, due to its antibacterial properties and sticky texture helps in removing debris and bacteria from the skin, thereby preventing the pores from becoming clogged. Just mix some honey with water, apply to face and et voila!

Hydrates the skin

Just as you need water to feel refreshed, skin also needs ample hydration to function well. Dehydrated and parched looks the part as well, with dry patches all over the skin. It is more prone to breaking.

Dehydration also causes formation of lines on the face. Complexion alongside skin texture and tone also suffer on account of dehydration.

Honey helps battle dehydration by absorbing moisture from the air into the skin. Consequently, skin remains supply and smooth.

Wound healing

Honey helps to heal the wounds. It’s antimicrobial properties also protects against skin infections, offering two-tiered support against wounds.


Everyone wants a youthful skin, but the usual antiaging formulas are extremely expensive. Honey, on the contrary, is effective and a cheap tonic. It improves the appearance of skin and prevents against the formation of wrinkles.

Moreover, at times, skin infections can also act as an aging catalyst. Honey fortifies the skin against these too.

Helps in fading scars

Even though skin imperfections should be celebrated just as well, however, if you don’t like the appearance of scars, honey can be of help. Honey contains tiny amounts of bleaching agent, Hydrogen Peroxide.

It therefore is effective in lightening the scars.

Acne Treatment

Acne is very hard condition to live with. Alongside the appearance of the zits that are actually very painful as well, acne also requires a lot of care. Infection of the zits present as another nightmare.

Since honey has antibacterial properties, it helps in protecting against the bacteria that cause the breakout. It also has antifungal properties that protects against certain types of acne. Moreover, honey also has healing effect, which acts as a balm to the acne-ridden skin.

But that’s not all; honey also has anti-inflammatory properties that thus help in decreasing the ferocity of acne.

Skin Cancer

Borderline miraculous is the impact of honey against skin honey. It has been shown to decrease the growth of cancerous cells in the body. Honey has also been deemed as not just anticancer, but also has antimetastatic effects.

However, cases of skin cancer need to be treated primarily with the specialist doctor’s plan, and not with honey alone.

Word of Caution

Even though honey is largely safe, however, certain people might have an allergic reaction to it. It is therefore recommended to always patch test before applying anything to the skin.

Moreover, if the skin sensitivity, rash and other symptoms of allergic reaction ensue after honey usage, disband the practice immediately. In case the symptoms persist, consider talking to your Dermatologist in Karachi.

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