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How to Choose a Wedding Photographer Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and you want to be sure that everything is captured on film so that you can relish in the memories later down the road. Click here to learn how to choose a wedding photographer that you can rely on to get the best shots. A good wedding photographer will make memories of your big day last forever. A bad wedding photographer could make memories you’d rather forget. If you’re wondering how

How to Beat the American Education System Flaws While there are definitely American education system flaws in the modern US, there are things we can do ourselves or for our children to overcome these challenges. Learn how in our latest blog. It’s no secret that education is a foundational part of any child’s upbringing. Though we are fortunate to have access to public education in the United States, it is far from perfect. The American education system flaws are abundant, unfortunately. It takes a certain level of dedication to excel

10 Ways to Teach Your Children How Succeed in School There are many ways that parents can work with their children to improve their successin school. Read more here to learn how to teach your children how to succeed in school. Our children are our future. But their success will heavily depend on their childhood experiences, including how successful they are in school. With over 30 million people lacking in basic literacy and numeracy skills, it’s more important than ever to support your children’s learning, both at school and in

The Only Car Maintenance Checklist You’ll Ever Need Do you wonder how often you should get your oil changed or your tired rotated? Here’s your basic but effective car maintenance checklist. What if we told you that you can save up to a whopping $30,000 as a car owner? Pretty amazing right? At the same time, you may also have your doubts. The truth is, you can enjoy this kind of savings, so long as you can keep your ride driving smoothly for up to 200,000 miles. How exactly can

Top 5 Wedding Planner Tools for a Successful Event Do you want to have a flawless wedding but need some guidance when it comes to planning? Here are the top 5 wedding planner tools you should use for a successful event. You’ve said yes to the proposal, decided on a date, and now are beginning to plan the day of your dreams. This planning process can become overwhelming very quickly. Don’t turn into a bridezilla, learn what wedding planner tools are used by the pros and make your big day

10 Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Costs When Hosting a Party If you’re tasked with hosting a party, you do not want to make these mistakes if you want people to remember your party in a favorable light. Every family and friend group has that one friend that loves to host the party. They find any excuse to get everyone together for food, drinks, and a good time. But, the thing is, no matter how many of their parties you go to, you always have because they know what

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