Are you a senior aged 55 and above and are you seeking for possible romantic relations with someone within that age range? Are you a younger person who for one reason or the other wishes to date someone aged 55 and above? The purpose of this article is not to find out your reason for wanting to date folks who are 55 years and above. Rather, we want to help you achieve your goal by giving you the information you need to make this happen. Where to Find Them There

Any time a man or woman is arrested or is taken into custody by law enforcement for suspicion of criminal activity or for a criminal offense, the system creates an arrest record. This is true even when the person is innocent and all charges are dropped. An individual does not have to be found guilty, and yet the arrest record becomes part of the public record. This means anyone can see it and make a judgment about the individual based solely on this information. An expungement can be of help

Despite what some might think, design plays a vital role in the marketability and saleability of apparel. After all, not only do patterns and prints express the individuality that many of us crave, but they also send a message that is unique to the designer. And while the task of creating great designs is essential to the success of a clothing line, it is not without its fair share of challenges. To this end, here are a few tips for creating eye-catching designs for your clothing. Keep it simple While

The number of bees has been declining in the last few decades. With issues such as global warming on the rise and ecosystems being threatened, the environment is struggling. We have a huge undertaking, but one plant — hemp — could help save countless bees. Ways to save the bees can be found in your own backyard, commercial, and local farms around the nation. Farmers are now joining in, too, to increase revenue when other crops have been farmed or even die out. But how can we help rescue the

Nurses tend to be empathetic. That’s one of the reasons they’re attracted to providing care to patients in the first place. However, the heavy workload or repeated loss can cause emotional burnout with some of them. For other nurses, age and injury can make it hard to move patients and do the literal heavy lifting. One potential solution is moving into a different role. But the question for many is, where can they go that still utilizes their skills, and get paid well doing it? Here are five healthcare careers

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