I’ve kept a number of journals over the course of my life, each of which has filled a different niche and offered a slightly different enhancement for my daily life. Here are six types of journals that I’ve found particularly interesting or beneficial. Writing Journal A writing journal is probably the kind of journal you think about if you’re imagining a generic journal. With my writing journal, I’ll record notable events during my day and my feelings and observations about them. My writing journal gives me a chance to process

The real joy of any Indian celebration lies in exchanging gifts and feeding each other delectable sweets. Especially during Rakshabandhan, sisters lovingly delight their brother with delicious sweet offerings. Wondering where to buy sweets from? Send Rakhi with sweets to your brother by buying them online. Among Indians, sweets form a ritualistic part of any festival. These sweets are largely packed with the goodness of milk, sugar, dry fruits, and mewa rolled together into a delicious treat. Delight him with Sweet Treats Buy exciting Rakhi gifts online from the comfort

What Side Do You Stand on the Great Dog Debate: Rescue vs Breeder? If you’re a member of Facebook groups for pets, you may have seen people push the #AdoptDontShop agenda on people who just want to welcome a dog into their family. Where do you stand on this debate? Read our thoughts on both sides of the rescue vs breeder debate right here! If you’re thinking of getting a dog then you’ll have heard the phrase ‘adopt don’t shop’ a lot. Do you know your options? The rescue vs

Who Keeps Calling Me? 5 Tips on How to Trace a Phone Number It happens to all of us. A mysterious phone number pops up on our cell phone, but never leaves a message. It can be rather frustrating or even intimidating when it happens over and over again. Learn how to trace a phone number and identify who or what is calling you so you can decide whether to pick up or block them. Do you have random numbers that keep calling you? Do you answer the phone out

A Homeowner’s Guide to Choosing a Home Generator A home generator will prove to be a lifesaver should ever your electric go out for a long period of time. To learn more about home generators and how to choose the right one for your home, simply read this guide! If you’ve ever gone for a few hours or even a day without electricity, you know how difficult it is to manage. Everything you take for granted, such as washing clothes or cooking a meal, is impossible when the power is

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