Optimising your website, content and strategy for mobile is past the point of just being a bonus. It’s the expectation. When it comes to SEO, you want to make sure that you’re presenting as you intend to on mobile so that you can maintain your ranking and continue to convert on the go. If you’re not sure where to start, or think you may be on the right track already, see how your SEO mobile optimisation measures up. Responsive design Responsive design is what you should be striving for

Are you preparing your resume before applying to the job of your dreams? If so, you aren’t alone! You owe it to yourself and your employer to have a resume that accurately reflects your accomplishments in the workplace. Fifty-eight percent of employers have caught a lie on an applicant’s resume.  But how can you make your resume different from hundreds of other applicants who want the same job as you do? Check out the top four resume formatting tips to help you stand out (in a good way)! 1. Reverse

Mother’s Day is one of the busiest days for a florist store as many people would be buying flowers as appreciation for their mother’s love at this time. One will ask the question if they could just give any flower for a mother since all the flowers look nice and smell good. There are specific flowers for gifting on mother’s day so it is suggested that follow this tradition instead of simply picking the flowers yourself. The following are the best 8 flowers you can give on Mother’s Day. 1.

  Vinyl and hardwood floors are among the best flooring choices available today. It might be difficult for you to determine which of these two choices are suitable for your home, so to help you decide these are some points of comparison you might want to consider. Cost If you have a tight budget, you need vinyl wood flooring. It is a cheaper alternative to a hardwood floor yet despite that, it incredibly similar and telling the difference would be tricky. However, if you have enough money to splurge, you

  The world is filled with talented people. If you are a talented individual, especially in the musical category, then you need to advertise your work. Gaining fame is not always easy. The process requires a lot of effort and dedication. Furthermore, the songs have to be pretty good to attract a larger crowd. An excellent way to start the path towards popularity depends on online exposure. People need to start acknowledging your existence. A great way to start doing that is to listen to the music you make. A

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