Trugreen on Fall-Prepping a Knoxville Garden

It is very important that you make sure your lawn is ready for winter, even in areas like Knoxville. While the cold may not be as bad as what it is in places like Colorado, it does still get significantly colder and that means you have to make sure your lawn, trees, and shrubs are ready for it. Trugreen regularly assists homeowners in making sure their gardens are fully winter prepped, ready to flourish once again in the spring time. To achieve this, they offer a number of key services.

Trugreen Winter Prepping Services

Lawn care

First of all, the company helps people look after their lawn properly. This means taking away all the debris and removing any fallen leaves. People often don’t realize just how bad a little bit of debris can be for their garden. It can cause the lawn to start rotting, and it will take a long time for it to recover from this. Hence, Trugreen also trims down all hedges and shrubs before they complete a final rake, because this only creates more debris that has to be removed.

They also recommend that people clean up their gutters first, again because the debris from the gutter generally falls on the lawn. Similarly, it is recommended to check under and around playground equipment and garden furniture, unless it is a permanent fixture. Anything that isn’t used during the winter season should be placed in a basement, shed, or other type of storage room. This ensures they don’t get damaged and that they don’t damage the lawn either.

Tree maintenance

Secondly, Trugreen will come out and check trees, something that they encourage people to do routinely. As part of seasonal maintenance, they will remove any dead or diseased areas, as well as other limbs that could pose problems during weeks with heavy snowfall, as the weight of the snow could cause branches to snap. Additionally, if the company spots any sick trees, or other problems, they can advise on removal.

Professional inspection

As a professional company, Trugreen can also be called out to complete an inspection. A lot of people are keen gardeners themselves and they may not want a company like Trugreen to be responsible for all their garden work. However, it is still important to have professionals take a look at the state of a garden. As explained, the company can see whether there are any potential hazards with trees, whether they have become diseased, or whether there are pests or weeds in the garden. They can also help to resolve these issues should they spot any, thereby making sure it will not cause a further problem later in the year, essentially saving you money.

Knoxville is a beautiful part of the country and the climate is usually mild and enjoyable. That is not to say, however, that there aren’t occasional problems with gardens and lawns that have to be resolved. While it is certainly a low maintenance area compared to other parts of the country, no garden is truly no-maintenance.

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