Tips on How to Select Restaurants for Your Next Brunch

Brunch is a more than just a trend for ‘30 something’ professionals; It is about coming together, updating each other and sometimes talking business when everyone is awake and energized. Not everyone can wake up at 8 am and be coherent, , and a late breakfast or early lunch is the ticket.

As you select your brunch location, here are four things you need to look for:

Meet in the middle

It is unlikely that you and your friends all live together or in the same neighborhood. When living in big cities like New York, your job site and cheap rent don’t come within the same vicinity. Stay away from favor what is closest to you and pick one in the middle. You do not want to alienate the one person in the group who lives at the opposite end.

If consistently meeting in the middle is too much of a struggle, consider alternating. Create a rotation of restaurants that favor one person in the group, so everyone experiences a bit of both.

A well-stocked menu

Restaurants may have extensive menus to tempt the customer into coming their way. They might deliver during the first few months, but having a long menu means that “I’m sorry, this is not available” excuse will come more often. Now we understand that it is difficult to handle inventory especially when there are events that might lead to difficulty with sourcing meat and other products. In those situations, where it is apparently beyond the restaurant’s power, it is excusable.

Just avoid places that do not take the time to block off things in the menu, or continually give excuses after multiple visits. Find a place that can deliver everything on the menu

Consider a variety of cuisines

Play up your brunches with diverse cuisines from kosher restaurants to sushi bars, and explore what the city has to offer. It might be difficult to settle on a cuisine fully, so remember to take note of what everyone loves to eat and what everyone wants to try. If you find yourself out of options, try to go for a place that has a safe bet in the menu for the truly picky eaters.

Quick response

If you have a long history of brunches with your friends, not all experiences are necessarily good ones. There might be times when the waiters are rude or the food fails to deliver. Give every place a chance and provide feedback with a point of improvement. When they follow it up and respond quickly to make amends, come back. They clearly care about you and your experience. If they handle it poorly, don’t come back. Your time with your friends is too short to argue about who is right or wrong.

Hopefully, these four tips will help you plan a hassle-free brunch with good company and even better food and service.

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