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Are you looking to take travel photos that will easily make all of your friends jealous? Read on to learn how it’s done with these ten tips. Given that more than 40% of Americans have a passport, we love to travel all around the world. When we’re out in the world, we also love to take photos to share online or show friends later. Whether amateur or professional, travel photos can wow people if they’re taken right. Here are four tips to ensure you take great photos every time you’re

If you want to buy a house abroad, you need to find the right location. Here are the top 10 holiday destinations you should consider buying a home in. About 35% of Americans take their families on vacation during any given year. When those vacations take place, a few things almost always happen. People enjoy themselves. People come back rested and relaxed. People spend a lot of money. Expanding on that final “happening”, one of the best ways you can save money when you go on holiday is to consider

While it is safe to travel abroad alone as a female, there are some things you should know first. Read on to learn the top safety tips for women traveling alone Have you spent all summer watching your Facebook friends post about their amazing trips abroad? You may have picked the ultimate travel destination but discovered none of your friends have the funds to join you. But that doesn’t mean you have to sit at home. Solo female traveling has become increasingly popular, and many women find that it helps

  When it comes to cooking Mandarin style, also known as Beijing style, presentation is everything. No matter what the dish, chefs take pride in combining flavor and style for a truly unique dining experience. The cooking style, which originated centuries ago in China’s royal courts, combines colorful vegetables with mild spices. Mandarin chefs also mix crisp flavors with smooth ones and sweet flavors with sour ones. The fact that this style of cooking traces its roots to chefs preparing food for emperors bodes well for today’s diners. Emperors of

Ready to move and get a fresh start? If you love the sun and the beach, go somewhere close to the ocean. Check out the 5 best beach cities to start a new life! If you give a heavy sigh after seeing the first snow of the year, you should consider relocating to a warmer, sandier place. . . . Like a beach. Have you ever dreamed of living every day with the ocean beyond your window? It might sound like a pipe dream, but it’s well within reach. In

The World’s Best Cities for Young People to Live Millennials have more great choices than ever when it comes to places to relocate. Here’s a list of the world’s best cities for young people to live and why. Young professionals and millennials are on the go now more than ever. They don’t settle for a single destination and keep traveling until they’ve found the city they call home. With the rise of digital nomads and remote workers, big cities have to accommodate their needs. This includes great co-working spaces, buzzing

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