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Andrew Curran Wesleyan university professor is someone who is widely respected around here in New Haven and Hartford and there isn’t anyone who would have a complaint about him or say a bad word. For many years now he has been teaching law at the university and every student who has come through his class has nothing but kind words to say about him. I too studied under the professor and we have still kept in touch with the odd email. I wanted to talk a little today about the

The goal of most people in the world is to find a way to live a good life. Although the definition of a good life might vary from person to person and from place to place, do some pretty basic things that everyone wants in the world. Turn on your television or look at the internet and you will find that we are all similar, and searching for things that help us to be comfortable and happy in our lives. List of those things is mention here and is what

Would you like to be a model one day? Have you been trying and failing to get through auditions? If so then don’t worry, we have some top tips here from the guys at the John Robert Powers talent agency who want to help. This agency has been in business for almost 100 years and throughout those years has had some pretty big names on their books such as the great Grace Kelly and Betty Ford! For John Robert Powers Chicago was always the home of modeling and that is

Your resume has 30 seconds to impress the recruiter, and your headshot plays a significant role in that respect. Whether it’s the corporate sector or the fashion world, professional headshots have a way of making your resume or any official application attractive. Apart from professional requirements, headshots can be used for various personal purposes as well. Since the first impression matters quite a lot and your headshot works as a deciding factor for that matter, here is a list of justified reasons which explain the need for professional headshots elaborately.

What Your Choice of Holster Design Suggests about Your Personality If you are a gun owner, then you’ll know that there are many different types of gun holsters for you to choose from. You might find that you enjoy using a pancake holster while your gun owner friends prefer using a shoulder holster to carry their gun. Here, we are going to discuss what your choice of gun holster design says about your personality. Keep reading to find out more and get some insights. Shoulder Holster If you are a

If you are on your way to the healthy lifestyle, you probably have heard about keto diet. But what it is about and why it is considered being healthy? The mechanism of a keto diet is based on the changes in fuel sources to maintain the energy processes in your body. Minimizing carbs in the diet and their exclusion deprives the body of glucose, its main source of energy. When the body ceases to receive energy, it turns to its fat reserves, set aside for the “rainy day”. This process

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