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In a lot of ways, the factors which lead to two individuals getting along are similar to those of two countries. There would need to be mutual respect and an understanding of how the other lives. While the same can indeed be said about nations, it’s much more difficult to achieve on that scale. After all, cultural differences have often been enough of a reason to start a conflict. With countries such as Japan and Russia no-one would have expected them to get along because of how differently they live.

When it comes to an understanding and accepting of culture, the answer appears to be straightforward, but it’s much easier said than done. Respecting the culture of others is the long and short of it, but more often than not, tension arises, and a real understanding is rarely achieved. It makes it even more surprising how the Japanese, as well as the Russians, are able to understand each other so well as they share and experience each other’s way of life. It wasn’t always this way, however – it continues

In 2014, Uruguay became the first country to fully legalize the consumption and sale of recreational marijuana. It was a landmark moment for those fighting to get cannabis legalized, a move which prompted other countries to look into their own laws surrounding marijuana. In 2017, Canada passed its Cannabis Act, legalizing the purchase and use of recreational marijuana for those over 18-years-old. In the USA, the responsibility is on individual states to legalize marijuana. Nine states have already taken steps to decriminalize marijuana use for adults, including California, Washington, and

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) controls the classification of organic foods. For infant formula, it is possible to receive an organic classification if 95% of the content came from ingredients used in sustainable agriculture. It also means that the formula contains no pesticides or fertilizers. If the milk came from animals, the animals received no antibiotics or growth hormones. Sugar, corn syrup, and glucose are also not present in the said formula. Otherwise, it can’t have an organic classification. If you are searching for infant formula, consider organic. The

Workplace sexual harassment is extremely trying, confusing and stressful for the victim. Here’s what to do if you are being sexually harassed at work. At least 25% of women have reported that they’ve been sexually harassed at their place of employment. Unfortunately, that statistic is on the lower end. Disturbingly, it’s estimated that 75% of people who have been sexually harassed have not reported it. A handful of men have also had this issue in the workplace. While sexual harassment is illegal and against most company policies, many people let

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, why not consider an escape room adventure. But what are escape rooms? Click here to get the lowdown. Picture this: you and your friends are stuck in a room with a ticking bomb and have exactly one hour to detonate it. Or you’re in a sunken submarine and must locate oxygen tanks to survive. Or maybe you’re an FBI agent tasked with stopping a serial killer. Don’t panic; you’re not having a nightmare. You’re actually in an escape room. What are

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