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Are you thrilled and interested in the amazing possibilities that 3D printing has to offer? Are you avidly looking up the next big advancement in this tech industry? If so, you’re probably also aware of the excessive and unnecessary items people are making with 3D printers. Do we really need to add more junk to our overpopulated and trash-crowded world? But don’t let the overuse of 3D printers dissuade you from your interest. The amazing projects and things you can make with a 3D printer make them invaluable tools for all

Are you looking for different ways you can use your drone? Drones are a popular product nowadays. In fact, with their current massive popularity, marketers predict that there will be over 67 million commercial drones shipped around the world by 2021. It would be no surprise to find yourself buying one sooner or later. However, while a commercial package contains a user manual, it doesn’t have a guide on what you can use drones for. There are many uses for drones in many scenarios, but most of the time, people

Do you love vacationing in Puerto Rico? If you go there often, you should consider buying a vacation home on the island. Buying a house in Puerto Rico might seem out of reach for you, but housing prices are reasonable and it’s a great investment.  Properties can be rented out when you’re not there to help you bring in passive income. You’ll also have a beautiful place to retire when you’re ready. If you’d love to call Puerto Rico home, keep reading to learn some helpful home-buying tips.  Tips for

What exactly is mental health? It is not a disorder, rather it is your state of well being and according to the World Health Organization, that means being a normal productive and healthy person despite the usual challenges in life. Sounds good. Yet according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), approximately 1 in 5 adults experience mental illness in a given year. The impact of this on society makes for sobering reading. The reality is that more and more people are struggling to cope with what we call

Have you ever wondered what happens when you are arrested? Most people that haven’t experienced the system do, but definitely aren’t willing to try the arrest process themselves.  We understand that–why would an innocent person want to be arrested?  Unfortunately innocent people are arrested every day and it can be scary and shocking as to what happens once this ball begins rolling. We’re going to explain the arrest process to you from beginning to end.  Keep reading for more information!  When Does the Arrest Begin? Most people believe that they

Trying to rebuild your credit after bankruptcy? Wondering how you can get your finances under control? Declaring bankruptcy can be a very difficult experience that can make you feel like your life is over. However, you can come back from it and set your finances straight again with a little bit of time and some hard work.  Below we’ll look at the top tips for rebuilding credit after bankruptcy. 1. Update Your Report After you go through bankruptcy it’s important that you check with the credit bureaus to make sure that they have all of

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