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  A recent survey conducted in the US found that that 81% of respondents consider the printer to be the most important office tool. Many businesses however, also spend more money than they need to on printing, purely due to outdated printing practices and equipment. Keeping your business’ printing setup updated with HP 61 ink, is therefore vital in order to control costs and maximise the efficiency of your office equipment and processes. Out with the old and in with the new. It’s time to revolutionise your office and increase

The life of an entrepreneur sure is tough. You need to play every role at your company from CEO to janitor depending on what is needed that hour and be prepared to both give credit for what good happens to others, and take direct responsibility for what goes wrong. However it can also be the most rewarding experience when you have your ideas, products and services become successful and sell to the world or just your little town. In other words being an entrepreneur can produce the best and worst

Bonworth has been a company wonderful example of a successful company built and run by women for women. The company currently have a staff that is more than 70% women and their products are only aimed at women. Over the past forty years this successful retailer of women’s affordable fashions has been on the leading edge of providing customers with products they love and rave about to friends. Bonworth Hits the Mark With Customers Bonworth has consistently hit the mark with fashionable clothes and accessories for working. Middle aged and

Finding the right career for yourself is a complex and usually challenging endeavor. Very few of us pick a career path early in life and end up sticking with that career throughout our lives. With so many jobs and even Industries being disrupted by new technologies and business models, it complicates things even more. Trying to balance what might work with what you also love to do is certainly one of the most hand-wringing elements of selecting a career today. The proper approach to take is one that considers all

To say that “burning fat” is the buzz phrase of the health and fitness industry would be a gross understatement. It’s been like this for years and in truth, it’s something that’s not going to go away anytime soon. One of the big problems about this craze is that a lot of people try and reduce their fat levels with quick wins. Sure, some of these quick wins can be masterstrokes, but at the same time many are a recipe for disaster. Many don’t help you in the slightest and

Like it or not, scholarships are what makes the educational world spin around. Those students that don’t get them are subject to huge fees. Those that do receive them will be awarded with, in frank terms, a very cheap form of education. Of course, there are plenty of factors that impact scholarships, and one only has to ask Kevin Rolle about the complicated way in which they work. It’s for this reason that we have penned today’s guide. We will now look at some of the biggest myths that crop up in

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