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Andrew Curran Wesleyan university professor is someone who is widely respected around here in New Haven and Hartford and there isn’t anyone who would have a complaint about him or say a bad word. For many years now he has been teaching law at the university and every student who has come through his class has nothing but kind words to say about him. I too studied under the professor and we have still kept in touch with the odd email. I wanted to talk a little today about the

Do you know what it takes to start a septic tank cleaning services business? Have you ever dreamed of running your own business? Maybe you have had a long career in the septic tank cleaning industry and think it’s time to strike out on your own. Being your own boss as a lot of advantages. You have the freedom and flexibility to call the shots. You work when you want, not on your boss’ schedule. To be successful at it, you need to be skilled in a lot of other

Have you been trying to get a job but with no avail? Have you found yourself being rejected before you are even interviewed? If so then it may be that your resume is not up to scratch and if so you need to get to work on fixing it up. People at every level and in every career must have an outstanding looking resume and that is why so many people use a company like TME Enterprises, who specialize in writing out great looking at functional resumes which can greatly

The goal of most people in the world is to find a way to live a good life. Although the definition of a good life might vary from person to person and from place to place, do some pretty basic things that everyone wants in the world. Turn on your television or look at the internet and you will find that we are all similar, and searching for things that help us to be comfortable and happy in our lives. List of those things is mention here and is what

There is so much talk about being a leader these days but the truth is that most people that are labeled as being leaders are not actually that. It is really important to understand what true leadership is. A failure to do so can easily lead to making some pretty huge mistakes you could have easily avoided. Unfortunately, numerous mistakes can be mentioned. It is actually difficult to identify the very big ones. It is really important that you understand the fact that being a leader is all about constant

Selecting a lawyer to represent you in the court of law during a criminal case can be difficult, particularly if you have no legal experience or guidance in the matter. After all, selecting the wrong people to represent you could lead to a less-than-ideal outcome for your case, so it’s definitely a comparison that you’ll want to take your time with. With that said, here are five factors to take into consideration when choosing a criminal lawyer: 1. Local Experience Joey Langston highlights that first and foremost, you’ll want a

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