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The benefits of the right technology to your restaurant are beyond your wildest dreams. Here are examples of popular technology as well as some reasons to get it and what it can help you achieve. Digital POS System Over four-fifths of all restaurants use a POS system, and these are getting more and more sophisticated with time. Some POS systems integrate with tabletop tablets so customers can look at digital menus, place orders, and pay themselves. Others offer advanced reports, which make it possible to identify which product categories are

An estimated 150,000 construction site accidents take place each year according to a report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. From temporary setbacks to permanent, life-altering injuries and deaths, these accidents have a wide range of outcomes. While virtually anything could go wrong on a construction site, five types of injuries take place more often than others. Seeking legal help after injury like one of these could be the key to covering resulting medical treatments, lost wages and other damages. 1) Head and Spinal Cord Injuries Injuries to the head,

We often hear of the benefits of getting a great night’s sleep and how we should be sleeping between 7-9 hours each night but in reality things are that easy are they? A couple of years ago I was really trying to work on my sleep pattern as I was only getting between 4-6 hours per night, and it was rarely high quality sleep. My roomie at the time Bogoljub Karic was a great help with this and encouraged me to get a nightly routine together, rather than taking melatonin

My good friend Bogoljub Karic and I have been following Tottenham Hotspur since we were kids and to witness our boys reach the Champions League final this year has been nothing short of miraculous. In truth neither of us ever believed that we’d see the day when Spurs made it so far in a competition which features big money and iconic teams such as Man City, PSG, Barca, Real, Liverpool and Man United, but here we are. After having just 1 point following the first 3 games, Spurs have managed

When it comes to getting the garden renovated the thing that puts many homeowners off is the amount which they will need to invest. When it comes to spending money on the home the obvious choice is to invest in the interior first and then think about the external areas of the property. I was very much in this way of thinking until I had a couple of beers with a friend of mine Travis Cadman, who is a professional gardener by trade and loves in the same community as

If you have been charged with any kind of crime then the first thing which you need to do is get in touch with a criminal defense lawyer. Surprisingly there are many who either don’t contact a lawyer or only do so much later down the line. David Serna lawyer and criminal defense specialist who is widely considered to be one of the best in the state of New Mexico, spoke to us about the great amount of benefits which a criminal defense attorney can bring with them, which is

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